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Updated: November 24, 2023

Your daily REMINDER from Jim Kwik 🧠

Overcoming a Fear of Driving

When you first start learning to drive, everything is unfamiliar and it seems that there are so many different things to remember. You wonder whether or not you’re ever going to learn everything but eventually you do and you’re let loose on the roads without an instructor. But somewhere along the line you develop a fear of driving.

Useful Tips For How to Stop Pulling Out Your Eyelashes

If you seem to be forever pulling out your eyelashes then you’ll know the problem. It’s almost an unconscious habit that bugs other people around you and potentially leaves you looking a lot less attractive than you should. Here are some ideas to help you stop pulling out your eyelashes.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Throwing Up

Throwing up or vomiting isn’t pleasant. Which isn’t actually surprising when you think about it – after all, your body is rapidly ejecting stuff that it doesn’t want inside it. So most people aren’t exactly thrilled at the idea of throwing up.

Are You Afraid of Talking on the Phone?

Although telephones have been with us for well over a hundred years, that doesn’t mean that everyone is comfortable with talking on the phone. Sure, teenagers seem to spend most of their life on the phone if they’re not tapping away at a computer. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of us are equally comfortable.

Help With Depression – Is Mental Health Still the Elephant in the Room

A Look at why Mental health might still be the elephant in the room despite modern media campaigns. Note: How predominant the use of anti depressants is among young women. Note: How young people hide the fact they use these drugs.

Concussion Treatment for Severe Symptoms of a Brain Injury

A concussion or traumatic head injury can be very dangerous. It may affect the functionality of the brain and other body parts. Every year there are huge numbers of head injury victims, from mild to severe cases.

How Accurately Does the Media Portray Mental Health and Therapy?

There is the old saying that art imitates life, but sometimes art can distort what is real for the sake of entertainment. Attitudes about mental health and therapy have been influenced by comedies and dramas that skew the truth about what therapy is really about. Let’s take a closer look at what recent television and film gets right and wrong about therapy.

Overcoming Fear of Clowns

Having a fear of clowns (also known as coulrophobia) is actually quite common. Despite clowns supposedly having a happy side and even being used to promote a popular hamburger chain, for a lot of people the fear of clowns is very real. And very scary.

Fear of Crossing Bridges – How To Cope

If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from a fear of crossing bridges then initially there’s some consolation in the fact that you’re not alone. But that fact alone doesn’t help you when you have to travel miles out of your way – or even cancel a journey – because there are bridges en route. So what can you do to help overcome your fear of crossing bridges?

Are You a Nervous Passenger in a Car?

Some people just seem to be natural born nervous passengers. They’re fine when they’re in control of the car but turn into a nervous wreck or – worse still – a control freak when they’re in the passenger seat. If that describes you then here are some ideas to help stop you being less nervous when you’re a passenger in a car.

The Importance of Mental Gymnasiums

Many people purchase subscriptions to local gyms, which provide an abundance of workout machinery for them to use in order to maintain a customized workout regiment for the betterment of their health and well-being. Others prefer to work out at home, using a computer program, book, television program or even a homemade routine to spare them the burden of having to travel outside the comfort of their homes in order to get and stay fit. Either way, the importance of being in shape is heavily stressed as a healthy lifestyle choice and promoted in a plethora of outlets.

Learn How To Recognize The Various Symptoms Of ADHD Preschoolers And Prevent Stress

As many parents and teachers can attest to, dealing with a child that has ADHD can be living hell, but it doesn’t have to be. By learning how to spot the symptoms of ADHD preschoolers, a huge amount of stress can be avoided.

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