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Beat Depression With 5 Tips

Feeling low? Want to get rid of depression once and for all? Read these 5 top tips on how to beat depression to find out how!

Qigong Clears PTSD Blockages To Promote Health And Prosperity

Perhaps we should start with answering the question, “What is Qigong?” first. It is a healing practice from China that is over 5,000 years old and practiced widely in China. Much like Reiki, (which is the Japanese version of using the Universe’s energy to clear the meridian passages that exist in all of us.) This energy is the connecting fluid with our breath that unites us with our Source, or Creator. When we continue to think negative thoughts and create patterns within ourselves, this is the cause of illness or diseases.

Outside of This Room

This is a description of my first night in a mental hospital. And what I learned about myself.

Outside of This Room

This is a description of my first night in a mental hospital. And what I learned about myself.

How to Use Your Memories to Overcome Depression

For many people who are plagued with depression, they can resolve it by discovering the memories that led to the beliefs that caused the depression. Depression is caused by a series of thoughts that life is no good and it will not get any better. The first step is to get old pictures, talk to people about your past, and write every memory that was hurtful or disappointing to you.

Advice for Healing Memories to Help With Anxiety

Anxiety is often caused by the lingering effects of negative memories. In this article, you will be given tools to help you identify which memories are unresolved and how you can use simple thinking tools to heal your anxiety.

Advice For Getting Treatment For Schizophrenia

Do you often feel like you don’t fit in your world? Do you sometimes see or hear things that other people don’t? Do you often feel like you have trouble paying attention and have lost interest in things that you used to enjoy?. Do you sometimes have trouble speaking and getting organized? Do you have memory problems? If you have the first two of these symptoms along with some of the others, you may be suffering from schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a thought disorder where you hallucinate, have emotions that don’t match the events of the moment, or have no emotions. Sometimes you may have delusions which are misperceptions of your environment, for example, you might think people want to hurt you but there is no evidence of it. These misperceptions can seem so real to you that you don’t know you have a problem. However, if you have these symptoms you could benefit by getting some help. This article is to show you what you can do to help yourself and what will not help you

How To See Yourself More Than The Mental Illness

Mental health problems are never easy deal with and sometimes we forget that we are more than just the disorder. Here are a few perspectives to start looking at yourself and the world around you in more balanced and positive ways…

What Is a Psychopath?

Many people associate psychopaths with crazed serial killers. Most are not! Forewarned is forearmed. Find out what they are and protect yourself!

Identifying Absurd Thoughts And Finding Sound Mental Health

I learned how to deal with the absurdity imposed by the anti-conscience and how to help others. The unconscious guidance in dreams always shows to all dreamers that many negative parts of their personality belong to their anti-conscience. The unconscious psychotherapy is based on the elimination of everything that is bad from your brain and psyche. You gradually purify your psyche. As a result, your mind becomes clear, you have a better memory, and you become a self-confident person.

Surviving And Thriving In An Undeserved Panic Disorder Condition

Panic attacks can’t be taken lightly. Don’t let it grow and spill over other areas of your life such as your job and relationship. This isn’t a warm and fuzzy article but rather taking you an inside look of what a panic sufferer struggles daily. If your intention in reading this article is to know how to beat your anxiety and panic attack the drug-less way then this is it.

7 Little Odd Things To Do To Get Rid Of Your Panic Attacks

This seems to be the question of the day. How do you ditch panic attacks and anxiety without popping pills and doing some- not so common things? Read this article for the answer.

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