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Updated: February 23, 2023

Try this for LUCID DREAMING 🌙 | Jim Kwik

Porn Addiction Recovery: What Works

Recovery from any addiction can be a long, frustrating, and emotional process. The psychological and physical dependency associated with addiction is difficult to overcome.

The Double Life of Sex Addiction

People who suffer from sex addiction often lead a double life: their normal life and their addicted life. As a result they suffer with addiction in secrecy.

Bad Guys Should Be Poets

Why should a bad guy be a poet? Is that what it is going to take to make him feel?

Premature Ejaculation – You Can Beat It

One of your natural tendencies is to begin breathing at a much faster and shallower rate during sex. This is one of those automatic responses that will increase your arousal level and get you too excited too soon. But you can control this and use it to keep your level of excitement lower.

Brainwave Entrainment for Anxiety

The article focuses on one of the safest and most innovative methods to healing anxiety in a natural, holistic way. Brainwave entrainment is a technology that, through specifically designed tones brings the brain into its natural, relaxed state, and entrains it into the habit of staying there.

Finding Inner Peace – Is It Possible?

We all want inner peace. But how do we find inner peace in a world of chaos and stress? We all have it inside of us but how can we feel it again? How can we let our inner peace rule our lives instead of destructive emotions?

The Negative Impact of a Troubled Mind on an Individual’s General Sense of Well-Being

This article, the second and last of a two-part series, points out the negative effect a troubled mind has on our sense of well-being and the misery it causes. The article points the way towards a curative solution to this problem, rather than a mere palliative one.

Hypnotherapy – Treats Several Health Conditions From A State Of Protracted Sleep

Hypnotherapy today, treats several health conditions with the help of hypnotism, which induces a state of protracted sleep. Hypnotherapy finds extensive use in fields as varied as medicine, research, dentistry and even psychotherapy. It also provides an alternative treatment opportunity for problems that include weight loss, stopping of a smoking habit or control of pain in areas such as migraine, arthritis, burns, facial neuralgia, childbirth and musculoskeletal disorders.

Why Are Herbal Male Enhancement Pills Too Popular Nowadays?

The world of herbal male enhancement has expanded over the years to include a large variety of products of interest to men. The competition is very strong and includes many products that claim to do all sorts of things for men. Some pills will improve a man’s penis size while others make it easier for him to trigger an erection. There are even products that can increase ejaculate contents.

In the Presence of a Service Dog

“Oh My God he’s so cute”- “Look Madge it’s a Seeing Eye Dog”- Those are just some of the things I hear as I walk thru a public place with my Service Dog Milo. It’s been quite an education getting used to having him with me. And some of the things I hear and see people do would fill up a book I’m sure.

How A Psychiatrist Should Conduct The Treatment Of A Patient Of Severe Depression

Severe depression can prove to be a fatal psychological state to the level of driving someone to the brink of death. To know how a psychiatrist can help take care of this problem, go through the following article.

For Spouses And Partners Getting Help

If you have reached the conclusion your partner is struggling with sex addiction, you likely have tried to talk to him or her with little success. Your efforts to help the situation have probably been in vain. At this point, it may feel like there isn’t much you can do, but that is far from the truth. Here are some things you can do to help your situation and get your message heard.

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