Transform The Life of Special Needs Children Through Movement | Jim Kwik & Anat Baniel Updated for 2023

Updated: March 3, 2023

Transform The Life of Special Needs Children Through Movement | Jim Kwik & Anat Baniel

What Happens to Boys Raised by Mothers With Borderline Personality Disorder?

Men and boys who were raised by mothers with borderline personality disorder often suffer silently and alone. Men tend to carry the emotional scars into their significant relationships only to perpetuate the hurts that they have experienced. It is important for parents and school professionals to be aware of the negative psychological impact that this mother-son relationship can play upon a boy’s development well into manhood. Early interventions can help prevent a lifetime of emotional suffering for men.

Hypnosis for Your Perfect Mental Health

When the mind is in a psychosomatic state akin to superficially deep sleep and works at a level of consciousness, which is different from the normal state, we refer to this phenomenon as hypnosis. The “state theory” calls it a mental state while the “non-state theory” refers to it as a role enactment (imaginative). This state heightens the focus of the mind to concentrate on a specific incident or memory, while shutting off the mind to other distractions.

Eat These Memory Super Foods and Keep Your Memory Sharp

No one wants to be forgetful. None of us want to ever develop mental health problems. It can become a cause of panic for many of us when all too often we forget where we’ve left our keys or we don’t know why we walked into a room. Here, we’ll tackle some memory foods to boost your memory.

(Remedy 3) NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming As a Cure for Social Anxiety and Depression

NLP can cure social anxiety disorder, depression and any condition where you are a slave to your own negative thoughts. Ever wonder why you often make the same emotional mistakes over and over again? Or feel the same way about certain things, no matter how much you will yourself not to?

Unconditional Love: Building Good Mental Health

What can be done to offset the development of depression, anxiety, and psychosis in our families and our communities? What does it mean to be unconditionally loving? My definition is the ability to be accepting of people with all their warts. Everyone has annoying habits.

Disaster Support Groups – Strength Through Numbers

Disasters create damage and leave destruction behind and it is not just damage to material things and structures they can cause metal distress in people as well. Disaster support groups can help deal with the stress and pain associated with emergency situations. Learn more about how you can setup a disaster support group and be better prepared for emergencies.

What A Sex Addict Is Really After

Sex addiction is not about liking sex but about unmet psychological needs. Sex addiction is not about the act of sex. The cycle of addiction, the ritual, and the release of chemicals in the brain are all substitutes for the emptiness an addict feels.

Effective Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy

The peripheral neuropathy is a disease in the peripheral nervous system of our body. Due to this severe physical problem, we feel serious pain and sometimes lack of sense in our hands and feet. When our nerves outside the brain and spinal cord area get injured due to a variety of reasons, we call it peripheral neuropathy.

Save Lives By Fixing the System

Stop the violence in America! The real answer is to fix the mental health system. More availability of counseling and a better understanding of motivating factors will save lives.

How Addiction Cycles Work

Sex addiction is the result of a cycle that involves unmet needs. Parts of the cycle include rituals, acting out, and negative emotions that lead to more acting out.

What Happens In The Brain When You Are Anxious?

You must have heard and read that anxiety has a profound effect on the person’s brain, and that it is all in the mind. But in reality, what exactly happens in the brain when someone gets an anxiety attack?

Silencing Your Inner Critic

Emotional pain is heightened by anxiety, depression and the inability to accept what is going on in our minds. We often critique ourselves for being afraid, angry or jealous. learn how to silence your inner critic instead of allowing it to take over your humanity.

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