Time Management Hacks For Limitless Productivity | Jim Kwik & Ed Mylett

Updated: January 14, 2023

Time Management Hacks For Limitless Productivity | Jim Kwik & Ed Mylett

The Tap Dancing Brain

The first time I saw Gene Kelly and Donald O’Conner in “Singin’ in the Rain” I was hooked! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Men… dancing… and making it look cool! That did not jive with my previous notion of masculinity. It took me several years to get up the guts to say that I’d like to try my hand (or foot) at tap dance but I finally did.

How to Definitively Cure a Mental Illness

Many people attacked me when I showed to the world that human beings are in fact demons, the same way many people attacked Charles Darwin when he showed to the world that we are primates. However, now that I could discover this bitter truth, along with the miraculous salvation represented by the divine guidance in dreams, we can finally put an end to all mental illnesses on Earth. In order to definitively cure a mental illness you have to eliminate your evil and absurd anti-conscience. This is the solution to a problem that couldn’t be solved before, because we didn’t know what causes craziness.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Music For Those With Brain Injuries

Studies have shown that music can promote new neural connections for those with brain injuries. As well, music has been proven to trigger memories possibly assisting with memory loss as well as cognitive and physical functions.

Psychotherapy: What Actually Works?

The field of psychotherapy is over 150 years old. In that time, many forms of therapy have been developed to help people with the problem of human suffering and emotional pain. Choosing a therapist and a form of therapy can be bewildering, expensive and time consuming. This problem can be solved by seeking treatment for your problem using an Evidence-Based Therapy. Evidenced-Based Therapies are forms of therapy that have been shown to repeatedly work by research. There is a type of therapy that is known to be the most effective therapy for most psychological problems. These types of therapy have time lines, an established way of doing the therapy, and produce results for clients reliably and consistently: Evidenced-Based Therapies actually work!

3 Tips for Military Personnel Dealing With PTSD When They Return Home

Luckily there’s more and more different types of help available now for PTSD sufferers. Post traumatic stress was only accepted as a condition in the 80’s yet it has been around forever. Whenever someone either experiences or witnesses a life or death traumatic incident there’s a chance of developing PTSD. In this article you will find advice that helps you understand why you have PTSD and what help is available to reduce your PTSD or severe anxiety.

4 Benefits of Percussive Suggestion Therapy

Many people with PTSD, anxiety or fears are so traumatized that they are virtually housebound, so holding onto a job, or family can be very difficult along with fear of crowds or unfamiliar places and situations affecting your confidence. Thoughts of traveling to a therapist to get help can often be daunting. If you are stuck at home either through your fears or because of financial restraints, then going to therapy can be impossible or at the very least difficult for you to commit to. With PSTEC you can get around this problem by working at home by listening to audio tracks at a time that’s best for you – even if it’s late at night!

Concussion Treatment Plus Supplement

Recurring headaches? Vomiting? Memory loss? Sounds familiar, very reflective of what you can get if you have experienced concussion. These symptoms are severe if it’s recurring from time to time.

Coping With Anxiety and Panic Attacks Without Medication

A vast majority of the population has suffered from anxiety at one time and often for long periods of time. For many people this goes well beyond stress and anxiety becoming full blown panic attacks. While benzodiazepines such as Ativan, Clonazepam, etc.

Exactly What Is Vanderbilt Screening For ADHD, And How Accurate Are The Results?

Vanderbilt screening for ADHD requires parents and teachers to complete a questionnaire that contains questions relating to certain behavioral traits. Armed with the results, a psychiatrist will interview the child in question, and then decide if the child has ADHD.

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills: Get What You Want by Using DEARMAN

Knowing how to ask for what you want is very important for building a healthy you. Here’s an interpersonal effectiveness skill from DBT called “Dear Man” that will increase your chance of success.

Stress Management Techniques Are Perfect Stress Busters

In our hectic day to day life, often we get exposed to stress. There are different reasons for our stress and there are various ways to alleviate it. Stress can create an imbalance in our personal and professional lives.

Timeless Tips to Improve Self Confidence

“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face.” – Helen Keller

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