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Updated: November 6, 2022

The Power of Practice | Jim Kwik

Feeling Guilty All the Time: Shame, Guilt or “Moral Masochism”?

Moral masochists take on suffering, not because they love suffering but because they feel it makes them more worthy of love. Successful therapy with moral masochists needs to address the unconscious satisfactions and fears that underpin their behavior: a wish to be in control of their fate… even when it is painful, unconscious feelings of moral superiority and their fear of discovering a lack of love or genuine abuse in important relationships.

Does Adult ADHD Lead to Addiction?

The short answer is no, but there is more to it than that. Clinical studies have shown a correlation between ADHD and substance abuse, which lead us to believe that many individuals dealing with ADHD use drugs and/or alcohol as a coping mechanism for their attention related difficulties. Many medications used to treat ADHD can be habit-forming and it is important to regularly monitor the use of these medications to prevent abuse and addiction.

Psychological Counselling Services For An Effective Change In Life

Organizations offering psychological counselling services hire top quality therapists, who are trained to provide both long-term and short term therapies to their clients. It is natural for people to come across difficulties and distress in lives, but not all of us are strong enough to cope up with such setbacks and mental disturbances.

Curing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Through Dream Therapy

Your ego and this part of your personality are showing to the world that you are saying the truth, but the color of an object is only an impression, it can be a false image. You seem to be sincere, and you seem to show the truth about who you are to the world. You are protected by your sincere social image. However, your ego must control your behavior, and not the other parts of your personality that are waiting in line. Let me relate this dream to the previous day:

Military Therapy Dogs: A Military Vet’s Best Friend

Each year, hundreds of thousands of military service personnel return home from deployment, expecting to readjust to normal life. Some of these returning active and retired military workers are diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Top 10 Questions About Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a kind of biofeedback that helps you learn to change your brainwaves. When you can observe something you can change it, and neurofeedback allows you to observe your brain at work. This, in turn, helps you learn to improve your brain’s performance and shift how you feel.

Powerful Tips That Will Improve Your Memory and Focus

Problems with memory and focus affect a significant portion of the population. Having trouble with these areas can affect every part of your life in a negative way. Thankfully, there are many easy ways you can enhance your memory and focus. Here are 10 great ways to begin improving this area of your life today.

Why A Psychologist?

I have seen over 7,000 clients in the past few years. They do not all live in Medicine Hat. In fact, many travel long distances for their appointments.

How To Protect Your Mental Health From A Dangerous Freedom

You are used to care about your ego’s desires. You don’t like the idea to obey God’s commandments. You prefer to be free. However, your freedom works against you. When you disregard God’s behavioral rules because you don’t want to be obedient, you automatically have the cruel behavior imposed by your wild nature. What you consider your ‘free will’ is in fact the dangerous opportunity to disobey the guidance of your savior.

Stealth Adapted Virus Induced Mental Illness Contributing to Inner City Turmoil

An epidemic of brain damaging stealth adapted virus infections has yet to be addressed by public health officials. Yet the incidence of mental illness is ever increasing and undoubtedly contributing to the social unrest occurring in US cities. Moreover, increasing numbers of children are at risk for major deficits in social functioning because of infections acquired during pregnancy. Therapeutic and preventative endeavors comprising enhancing the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway need to be undertaken as a matter of national urgency.

800,000 Lives Lost Each Year To Suicide Is 800,000 Too Many

Last night I got into a texting conversation about the day with someone who happens to work in a hospital. Kristine was talking to me about her day. Unlike me, she is well suited for a hospital work.

How To Improve Your Memory And Your Mental Health

In order to eliminate false impressions you have to understand why many traumatic experiences marked your life, and many other details you ignore. Today you have a solution that your ancestors couldn’t have. Today you can have clear information about the past thanks to the brilliant method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research. Before my simplifications and clarifications his method was so complicated, obscure, and time consuming that only a few souls managed to really understand it.

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