Smart & Simple Financial Goals with Nicole Lapin & Jim Kwik Updated for 2022

Updated: November 19, 2022

Smart & Simple Financial Goals with Nicole Lapin & Jim Kwik

Coloring Books for Adults As a Form of Stress Relief Therapy

Coloring books for adults allow our brains to take a timeout from other thoughts and everyday worries and focus only on the moment, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. It can be particularly effective for people who are not comfortable with more creative forms of art, like painting or writing.

The Food-Brain Connection

For over 40 years I have been studying the extremely complex connection between food and brain function. Many experts have recognized the connection between highly processed food and various common brain disorders. Their perspective goes something like this: You eat too much highly processed food and at some point you will become insulin resistant and pre-diabetic, a condition that now affects more than 50% of our population.

When Mentally Ill People Lose Friends To Suicide

Suicide. Intrinsically linked with mental illness, help is frequently provided for families who have lost a loved one to suicide, even coming with a title for those family members: “Suicide Survivors.” But what about the mentally ill who lose their also mentally ill friends?

7 Facts About Concussions That All Parents Absolutely Must Know

Concussions and effective concussion recovery are in the news nearly every day. Effective concussion protocol, as well as legal action from past players for difficulties in life that may be connected to the effects of concussions, are now a daily part of the sports landscape.

The Benefits of Availing Psychological and Counselling Services

Human psychology is at times difficult to fathom and it varies from person to person. For an instance, if you have the ability to endure pain in your body, you cannot expect the same from your sibling as it is different with every human being.

How To Acquire Perfect Mental Health And Find Peace

Carl Jung was a genius. My work proves to the world that he discovered the right method of dream interpretation because his method helps us understand God’s words. I merely clarified and simplified his method of dream interpretation, and I merely completed his research. The scientific method of dream interpretation is based on Jung’s discoveries and on my discoveries because I precisely obeyed God’s guidance in my dreams, while I was translating their meaning according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

A Good Night’s Sleep Improves Mathematical Ability in Children

In general, the sleep deprivation reduces the creativity in people. It is mainly due to the lack of concentration and other issues. Many people have found out this fact through experimental studies. However, this is for the first time the direct correlation has been established between the lack of sleep and disruption of higher cognitive ability in people. Read this article to know more about this interesting study.

Empty Your Emotional Backpack

Has it become a habit to avoid your feelings or avoid expressing them authentically? There are many reasons why it can be hard to express how we are really feeling. But whatever the case, it serves us enormously to realize that feelings are natural to have and express. They are an integral part of our human experience. They are what make us uniquely human! Give yourself permission to express your feelings!

10 Practicable Ways on How to Stop Procrastination

Have you been wondering why you don’t take some particular task serious but instead you easily find yourself doing miscellaneous things like chatting, playing games, watching movies, surfing forum and blogs but you actually know that you should be working but you are not, this is a phenomenon called procrastination Are we familiar or ever someone who delays or postpone important things to do not until the deadline before they begin to rush in other to meet up wishing they had started in time. Those kind of people don’t usually take advantages of their free time, they squander and…

A Case Study on How to Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is a phenomenon that affects the mind of an individual, it makes a person to continue to postpone an act, event or delay in work, it’s a thing that affects the mental construct of a person, it justifies itself with irrelevant excuses and shift one’s attention to other things like pinging, chatting, sometimes irrelevant gist, most of this things are things that we are easily lured to, they are usually fun related and we easily find ourselves doing at our leisure time till all the time is wasted and we have a small window to meet up.

BPD Co-Dependent And How To Take Care Of Myself?

Emotional Co-Dependency is a common challenge in borderline personality relationships. This article addresses two key aspects of the co-dependency problem: how one develops the co-dependent personality traits, and the tremendous importance of the different love-languages in smoothing out conflicts and misunderstandings between the BPD sufferer and the non-BPD.

Women in the Military May Experience Behavioral Health Issues After Combat Exposure

Wars and battles take a toll on the entire nation – ravaged locales, diminished human capital, and complete mayhem all around. However, when a country gets embroiled in wars or combats, there is one group that is affected directly – that of soldiers.

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