LONGEVITY Secrets for Your Brain and Body | Dr. Halland Chen & Jim Kwik

Updated: December 14, 2022

LONGEVITY Secrets for Your Brain and Body | Dr. Halland Chen & Jim Kwik

Stress, and The Power of Emotions

Everyone experiences stress. However what is being found is that people with high heart intelligence are able to regulate their emotions and re-frame their outlook on the situation. Find out how to improve your heart intelligence.

Concerns Surrounding Attention Deficit Disorder

It seems most people are familiar with the symptoms that accompany Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD.) According to the National Resource Center on ADHD, the disorder affects 5-8% of American schoolchildren and persists into adulthood in 60% of all cases.

Chaos Tolerance – A Side Effect of Addiction and Unstable Mental Health Symptoms Affecting Families

Family members, who are living with someone who has an active drug/alcohol addiction and/or significantly unstable mental health condition(s), begin to develop a tolerance for chaos. The threshold for “chaos tolerance” can become so high that family members can lose sight of how dangerous or emotionally draining their environment has become.

Symptoms and Treatment of Relationship OCD

This article explains well what relationship OCD actually is and how it affects people. You will learn about the symptoms and how to get treatment for this disorder.

Tips for Overcoming OCD

This article lists the ways people can eventually overcome their OCD symptoms. This includes changing thought patterns, using medication, therapy, and others.

The Many Symptoms of OCD

This article lists the compulsion symptoms, obsessional symptoms and the symptoms found in children that have OCD. This article will give anyone a good idea of what OCD is and what to look for if you suspect that someone you know may have this disorder.

OCD Statistics People Should Know

This article talks about statistics related to the common mental disorder known as OCD. Every year millions of dollars are spent on therapy and medication for this disorder. Learn all the statistics by reading the rest of the article.

Pure Obsessional OCD

This article talks about Pure O OCD also known as purely obsessional OCD. With this disorder people have obsessive thoughts without carrying out any rituals. This is a common disorder, and treatment is available.

Agoraphobia: Afraid To Leave Your Comfort Zone

Many people have a fear of leaving home, of being alone, or traveling outside of a limited area close to home. This type of phobia is like a prison of one’s own making with invisible lines that cannot be crossed. Conventional treatments encourage the person to gradually extend their zone. I never encourage anyone to push themselves into discomfort. My approach is to build strength within and encourage exploration that feels wanted and welcome when that time arrives. Pushing someone who isn’t ready for that is traumatizing, and in my experience this is a condition caused by trauma.

OCD Disorder, Facts, Symptoms, Treatment

This informative article talks about the many well established facts concerning OCD disorder. You will also learn about the symptoms of OCD as well as how to treat it.

Review of the OCD Rescue Program

This article reviews the popular OCD Treatment plan called OCD Rescue. OCD Rescue has helped a lot of people to overcome…

How to Identify OCD in Children

This article talks about how to identify OCD symptoms in Children. You will also learn about what parents should know to look out for if they suspect their child has OCD.

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