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Updated: March 4, 2024

Life is the C between A and B | Jim Kwik

Facts About Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a mental health condition gone through by around 2% of the general population. In this post, you’ll understand one of the most interesting facts about OCD.

Bipolar Disorder, Sexuality And You

Our society is ingrained with sexuality. Everywhere you look there is sexual innuendos, signs and issues. It is always pushed to the forefront our minds and in many ways our lives. What happens when the way you think and act are governed by an issue such as bipolar disorder and your behaviours change as a result, and so too do your degrees of sexuality.

Bipolar Syndrome And Just One Goal At A Time

As you very well known, bipolar is distinguished by extremes in moods. Going from a manic high to a dangerous low, in a very short time frame. Never knowing quite how your mood will be and when it will change. It is a severe disorder, and is in many ways disabling and life destroying all in one well contained disorder.

Bipolar Vs ADHD in Children – Comparing and Understanding

Children with ADHD and children with bipolar disorder will oftentimes exhibit many of the same symptoms. Since these symptoms do overlap, it can become quite confusing for parents and professionals alike.

How Life Is For a Bipolar Person

The life a bipolar person is really difficult. The mood is not very stable and once the maniac or the depressive period sets in, these persons are no longer themselves. They need help but often refuse it. In their maniac period they cannot stay at home. The depressive phase is mostly so bad that they have to stay in hospital as well. Most of these people are highly. They are often intellectuals.

Bipolar Disorder Quiz – Everything You Need to Know

Bipolar disorder is a type of illness that mostly affects the thoughts, feelings, perceptions and behavioral changes of an individual. Its causes are mostly brought by electrical and chemical elements that cause the brain not to function in a proper manner. It’s for this reason that professional doctors use the Goldenberg Bipolar Screening Quiz, created by Ivan Goldenberg, to help diagnose patients.

Exercising Our Brains

As a senior citizen on the downhill side of 70, one would think computers would be somewhat of a mystery. However my curiosity and fascination with computers began in the early 1980’s with the Texas Instrument TI-99, for those of you that don’t remember that particular model, be thankful; because the term, userfriendly had not yet been coined. However this article is not about the computers themselves, but rather an area I had never ventured into; computer games, after all, they were something for kids to become totally addicted to, not adults, and especially not senior citizens.

Learning to Let Go: Help for People With Hoarding Problems

Are you a “pack rat?” Millions of Americans have a problem with compulsive hoarding. For these people, even the thought of getting rid of their clutter can cause immense distress. Letting go of stuff can feel a lot like grieving a loss. Luckily, there is hope for those who want to start living a clutter-free life.

Short Guide to DHA And Postpartum Depression

I just finished reading an article that was discussing postpartum depression and at what the connection is between taking DHA and preventing postpartum depression. Any mother who’s ever experienced postpartum depression knows that it is something to be taken very seriously. There is no way that you can be too careful about the issue of postpartum depression, just like any other kind of clinical depression.

Is Alzheimer’s Disease Preventable?

There is a growing fear of Alzheimer’s disease amongst us as we age and who wouldn’t? Given the knowledge and facts, that it afflicts only the vast majority of the elderly and aged; as it is currently perceived to be incurable. It certainly has a profound effect on those reaching their golden years and sends shivers down my spine!

Imagination Destroyer, The Psychology Associated With Worry

It is only if people fail to be able to acknowledge fear and also acknowledge it an excessive amount of that it becomes problems. Of course, this is easier said as compared to done. Despite like a natural and integral section of the human psyche and survival behavioral instinct, fear is usually derided by modern day society as something that may be unwanted or needs to be faced down.

ADHD and Poor Handwriting: What’s the Connection?

Do you get teacher reports complaining about your child’s poor handwriting? Try not to worry, it’s fairly normal for children with ADHD to have trouble with legible handwriting. It is not known why children with ADHD are more likely to have handwriting difficulties than children without, but there are several theories that can explain why. Some studies also show that certain ADHD treatments can lead to improvements in a child’s handwriting.

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