Kwik Study Tips for Long-Term Retention with Jim Kwik Updated for 2024

Updated: January 17, 2024

Kwik Study Tips for Long-Term Retention with Jim Kwik

Three Ways to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety and panic attacks can make your life miserable. People who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks can get help and implement strategies to overcome these mentally disabling conditions.

How to Create an Atmosphere of Success

Negative thinking will lead to a life that is full of hopelessness and despair, you can change your life by changing the way that you think. When you begin to focus on positive thoughts, you create an atmosphere for success.

Your First Visit to a Mental Health Clinic: What to Expect

The weather is often a metaphor for how things are going in daily life. Such as, it’s a bright and cheery day or, asking someone who rained on their parade. Just as the weather changes and has many different states, so does the human psyche. Hopefully, for most, the days are sunny and cheerful. But sometimes, the grey skies appear and rain may fall. Sometimes the grey skies and rainy days do not lift however. When this happens, some find that therapy and the services of mental health clinics to be the needed cure to welcome the sun back and end the rainy days.

Five Tips to Overcome Stress

Chronic stress is mentally painful and distressing. You don’t have to suffer from mental anguish and disabling anxiety anymore. You can have a peaceful life, and restore your wellness. Implement these five easy strategies for a life which is enjoyable and free of negative stress today.

How Physicians Can Take Care of Their Mental Health

As a physician, patients come to you expecting you to help them be healthier, and your own personal health is an important factor in promoting good health and preventing diseases. If you’re not healthy, then how can you expect your patients to trust you and listen to what you have to say? Mental Health Is Critical Health encompasses many aspects, not just physical health.

The Brain

The brain is a very complex part of our body and it performs many different functions. Our brain allows us to make decisions, to remember things, to be able to do our daily tasks that we often take for granted, and allows us to process information. Without the functions of the brain a person is just in a shell with no hopes of having a normal life at all.

What Is RAD Disorder?

Reactive Attachment Disorder is a serious condition that can lead to problems in the future. Many kids have this, it can look like ADHD, anxiety or depression.

Would You Respond To Physical Illness Like This?

What if we treated mental illness like we did physical illness? Imagine an individual with severe flu and some people responded as they would do to a mental health issue: “Why don’t you just try… not having the flu?” “How come you are not normal like everyone else?” “It’s just a phase, it’ll pass” “I don’t think its right to take so much medication for your flu. Go out, socialise and exercise, that will make you better”

An in-Depth Review of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Childhood is often an exciting and rewarding time for most children, and more so their dotting parents, who normally derive a lot of satisfaction in watching their children take their first steps into the world. This period is also characterized by children venturing into the different aspects that define their existence, and also taking definite steps into shaping their future. Of course, with the necessary guidance of their parents, teachers and even their friends.

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