Jim Kwik: My Morning Routines Updated for 2024

Updated: April 5, 2024

Jim Kwik: My Morning Routines

Are Children With ADHD Emotional?

Children with ADHD are indeed very emotional and before you can ask – yes, it’s perfectly normal. Their being emotional comes from their inability to inhibit their thoughts or feelings; once they feel something or think something, they usually act upon it.

Help Your ADHD Child Learn From Mistakes

It’s perfectly normal for children to repeat past mistakes, but children with ADHD seem to have more trouble learning from their mistakes than children without. However, just as there are variations in behaviors, there are also some differences in how children with ADHD learn from their mistakes. Here’s how you can turn your child’s mistakes into learning opportunities.

Occupational Therapy for ADHD

Most people think that occupational therapy can only help adults. After all, children don’t have “occupations” beyond learning and playing. However, an occupational therapist can evaluate how a child plays and performs at school and uses these activities to help a child overcome a disability like ADHD.

How to Start an ADHD Support Group

In an ADHD support group, you get to talk to the parents and loved ones of those with ADHD and learn from their experiences. You can also use the group to vent out your frustrations and feel better knowing that you are not alone. But what if there is no ADHD support group where you live? Consider starting your own.

Hyperactivity or High Energy – Which Is It?

The stereotyped image of a child with ADHD is a young boy running around as though driven by a motor or talking incessantly. Children normally behave this way, especially when they are in a boring environment, but does hyperactive behavior necessarily suggest ADHD? What’s the difference between a hyperactive ADHD child and a child with high energy?

Top 3 Tricks That Destroys Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a nuisance in our lives. It stops us from thinking rationally and makes us susceptible to bad or wrong decisions, especially when decision making is of vital importance. We cannot afford to let emotional hiccups such as panic attacks rule our lives. Instead, we need to take charge and make a positive change. Read on to discover how.

Military Suicide

Suicide is a loss of hope and a cry for help. There’s an inability to find words to describe the pain victims experience and a lack of compassionate listeners who won’t be judgmental or prejudice. Our female and male active duty military personnel and our veterans are facing a different struggle on the battlefield and a new battle at home.

How To Help A Child With ADHD

There is a common misconception that children with ADHD are hopeless and that they are doomed to be nuisance for the rest of their lives. This, not only puts a heavy burden for the family, but most importantly, puts doubt in the mind of the child about his self capacity. How to overcome ADHD in children is more of a question of understanding and care rather than implementing forced routine on a child. This is the best way to help a child with ADHD.

ADHD – How to Overcome ADHD

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, named as such due to the variety of signs and symptoms associated with it. It is a condition often misunderstood by many due to lack of understanding of its primary signs and symptoms and the real effects of which in a person’s everyday. In order to overcome ADHD, one must know that it is not a communicable disease, it is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder, meaning that it occurs at some point in a child as he or she is growing up. It is a series of traits that makes up a diagnosis if a person has ADHD. Three primary features of ADHD are prominent, namely, impulsivity, inattentiveness and hyperactivity.

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