Interesting Brain Facts & Studies | Jim Kwik Updated for 2023

Updated: March 23, 2023

Interesting Brain Facts & Studies | Jim Kwik

A Family Is Like A Song

This article compares the way in which families manage their shared time with music. The two are really quite similar.

Organic Brain Support

With the responsibilities of 21st century at hand, having a little extra help to revitalize and optimize our brain’s functions will take us far -Literally. Organic Brain Support is ready to take a stand, and help us fight against the inevitability of aging.

Begin Your Monday With a Friday Attitude

That quote comes from web site. What a terrific idea. For those who are still working, this can be a very appealing thought. For those who have retired, often the days seem to run together and it can difficult to remember what day it really is!

Benefits of Eating Fish Include Reducing Alzheimers Risk

If you are concerned about your Alzheimer’s risk, here’s some intriguing news on the benefits of eating fish. Intake of foods high in omega-3 like fatty fish and nuts might protect the aging brain from this devastating illness according to some new research.

Being Brain Wise

Josh plays out this story daily. He plays it out in my office every week. He is crying out for connectedness with another and for someone to hear him. How do we best connect with him? Verbal conversation, does not seem to help. We must get a further look at the brain and begin to focus on the right brain–the non-verbal part of the brain. Let’s look further.

Natural Alternative ADHD Treatment

Are you tired of the prescription medication for ADHD? Are you concern that the medication turns your child into a lifeless zombie, and steals away his/her personality and creativity? We might just have the solution you are looking for at Natural Alternative ADHD Treatment.

10 Tips for the ADD Brain

In the late 70’s, ADD hadn’t been invented yet. Or at least, it wasn’t known to the educational powers that “be” in my grade 5 classroom in London, Ontario. I sat in a “quad” room. Essentially, a gymnasium divided by half-moon walls that allowed for bucket loads of noise to slip easily under and above the barrier. Four teachers spoke to four full classrooms.

Anxiety and Depression Treatment – How to Find the Best One?

With the rising complexity of life and people getting too much involved in fussy activities, the number of people suffering from anxiety and depression is increasing rapidly. Just visit any psychiatrist and you will come to know how many people visit them just only to find the reliable anxiety and depression treatment. The main reason behind this upsurge in the number of patient is the changing lifestyle of people.

Mental Illness: Trashing What We Thought We Knew

There is no such thing as a disturbed child who is not trying to survive either outright abuse or some other absurd treatment by people who are supposed to love him. Children do not have mental illnesses that grow out of a vacuum. Their behaviors are set by the way they are cared for, not cared for, or tormented.

Spirituality and Science – A Necessary Partnership for the New Consciousness

Spiritual emergency is an increasing but still little-understood aspect of mental disturbance. Can spirituality and science come together to address this problem in a more holistic way? Find out about some people already showing the way.

Mental Illness Among Children Turning Into An Epidemic

The alarming rise in the number of children suffering from mental illness has led professional psychologists to probe into the causes of the problem. Research conducted by them revealed that an array of reasons starting from biological problems to environmental cause to psychological problems can result in the psychological disorientation of the children. Most often it can be seen that kids suffering from such conditions behave wildly.

Suicide Is a Cry for Help!

Suicide is hopelessness followed by isolation. Everyone’s life is on overload with no one to listen. Suicide appears to be a quick solution. Friends and family members often confide in one another about their problems. But if a friend mentions suicide or death, take it seriously and seek help immediately from a trusted friend, family member, or health professional. Never keep talk of suicide a secret, even if you are asked to. It’s better to risk losing a friendship than to risk losing a friend forever.

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