If you’re struggling in life WATCH THIS | Jim Kwik

Updated: February 15, 2023

If you're struggling in life WATCH THIS | Jim Kwik

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder – Overdiagnosed?

It is estimated that 4-8% of the adult population struggle with attention deficit disorder. The diagnosis of Adult ADD is often misdiagnosed or goes untreated; however, the benefit of an accurate diagnosis and treatment can be life-changing.

Omega-3 May Curb Memory Decline and Prevent Alzheimer’s, Study Says

Alzheimer’s and memory decline are a growing concern for many. It’s estimated that nearly one in eight older Americans has Alzheimer’s disease, and can be attributed to being the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. With staggering numbers it’s no surprise that scientists are working overtime to help find a means to prevent or cure Alzheimer’s and memory decline.

The Dangers of Financial Stress

Financial stress is a worldwide problem. 7 out of 10 individuals are suffering from financial stress and only 1 out of 10 individuals are not stressed in terms of their finances and the ratio is continuously increasing. This is alarming because financial stress is connected to health conditions like sleeping problems and depression.

Bipolar Syndrome And Seasonal Cycling

I’m a rapid cycler, very rapid at times. (Rapid cyclers have more than 4 cycles per year of depression and mania) Other times I will hold onto my current mood for months to years on end. My longest manic cycle was in and around 2 years! Other times they hold onto me for 2 weeks to a month. One thing I’ve noticed though since charting my moods, is that weather plays a big role in my cycles.

Finding A Support Group

I was at a day-retreat this weekend. It was a wonderful loving experience I did for myself to put my perspectives back in order and return home with some bit of serenity for my family. It took place at a Yacht Club. How many of you have a support group that gives you this? Let’s take a closer look at what a support group can do for you.

Finding Help Online for ODD

The only best thing about discovering that your child has ODD or oppositional defiant disorder is that you are not alone. There are many other parents you are in the same spot as you. Whatever else you may do at this moment do not decide to leave everything in the hands of their teacher. This will not work and it will lead to even more problems. In the long run it will do more harm than good for the child in question.

How to Help a Family Member Living With Bipolar Disorder

A diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder can be devastating for the individual receiving it, but it can be equally as devastating for family members. There often questions about how this will impact their lives, but more often family members want to know what they can do to support their loved ones. This article presents information about the disease itself as well as useful tips for family members interested in helping their loved ones lead productive and functional lives.

Causes of Stress In Your Life

Life is full of demands, hassles, frustrations, demands and deadlines. For some people, stress is common that it has become a part of their life. Stress is not always negative. In some instances, it can inspire you to do your best or perform under pressure. It may affect, however, your mind and body when you are consistently struggling with stress. Protect yourself by recognizing the signs and symptoms of chronic stress and prevent its dangerous effects in your health.

What Are Nightmares? How Can A Nightmare Reflect Your Mental Condition?

A nightmare is a serious warning, which basically indicates that your ego is listening to one of the anti-conscience’s thoughts. One absurd thought is enough to make you completely lose your fragile human conscience. The invasion of craziness in your mind is a gradual and imperceptible process that you cannot understand. You need the unconscious guidance in your dreams in order to escape your anti-conscience’s invisible traps. When you are depressed or revolted for some reason, your anti-conscience takes advantage of this situation and sends you many absurd suggestions, which appear in a camouflaged form.

Alzheimer’s Disease Never Robs the Soul

Alzheimer’s disease offers the ultimate individual experience and claims no one in the same way. Lack of verbal skills, empty gazes, memory deficient of how to do simple tasks… then, a light will shine like no other day. What can we learn from each person to help the next one? Come with me on Mabel’s journey; we’ll learn together.

Memory Lane: GPS The Road to Hell

Star Crossed Lovers: lovers whose relationship is supposedly under attack by outside forces (scapegoating 101) – the stars are working against the relationship. Sorry to all you die hard romanticists & fairy tale weavers…….but what it really means is…the relationship is not working we can’t get it together and we would rather define insanity than try something new and move on. It justifies clinging to our past and why we can’t allow change – even if it is for our betterment. No matter how toxic the relationship – better the devil we know than the devil we don’t know. Further translation…..this is the origin of bad habits…fear of moving on. Where relationship disasters & fitness fears fester. Yes, they are related – learned helplessness.

How to Select a Therapist

Finding a therapist who can be a good match for your needs may take a lot of your time, money, and energy. I would like to offer some tips that might make “shopping” for a therapist easier. My suggestions are based on my personal experience as a therapy patient or, in marketing terms, a consumer of therapy services and on my professional experience as a therapist.

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