How You Eat Matters | Jim Kwik & Shawn Stevenson Updated for 2022

Updated: December 15, 2022

How You Eat Matters | Jim Kwik & Shawn Stevenson

What Is The Difference Between Want Vs. Need In Sex Addiction

Wants and needs are different things. This should be understood by anyone seeking to understand sex addiction. Once an addiction has developed it is no longer a case of wanting to participate in the addictive behavior.

The Laws of Wellness: Keys to Understanding Your Chances for a Healthy Life

As the wellness field grows and evolves, perhaps it’s time for a REAL wellness law – or many such laws. If so, why not associate as many as possible with one’s own name? That how things are with the naming of laws. More important than the name is the truth and insight captured by a law of one thing or another. Six are offered that should help anyone understand what most affects well-being and life quality and the extent to which one can shape health outcomes.

Common Methods For Treating Sex Addiction?

There are many different treatment options available for people suffering from sex addiction, or unwanted sexual compulsions. Here are some things you can do to get into recovery.

A Few Ways You Can Overcome Your Social Anxiety At Home

Learn New Ways of Overcoming Social Anxiety Social anxiety has affected the daily lives of millions of people each year and is still the number one anxiety disorder. I was shocked to find out that social fear ranks third on most common mental disorders, falling short only to depression and alcohol dependence. If you have had enough and want to find a way to overcome social anxiety for good, I have good news, there are ways available for you to overcome your social fears and begin living the happy and healthy life that you know you deserve.

Being A Survivor

Violence inside the family is never an easy thing. Many of us (and I raise the hand as well) think that it is easy for those who are trapped inside the circle to escape. After all, they only need to walk away, right?

Tips for Anxiety Sufferers – How To Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is the feeling of constant fear and anxiety when in social situations and for many can have dramatic results on how they live their day to day lives. Social fear affects the lives of millions of people worldwide and can get worse if not treated, luckily social anxiety is treatable. When asked how to overcome social anxiety, a few possible methods come to mind, in this article I will discuss a few of those.

How to Control Your Panic Attacks When in Public

This article shows you how to deal with panic attacks when you’re in public places. Reacting the right way will ease a lot of the stress and prepare you for dealing with future panic attacks.

Replacing The Pessimistic ‘Narrator’ With An Optimistic One For Social Anxiety Disorder

Where does social anxiety disorder begin? How can we get to the root of the problem if we don’t know where the root is? Outgrowing your past takes consistently in turning those limiting beliefs around, here’s how.

Brain Injuries and Behavioral Problems

Behavioral problems quite often are a result of brain injuries. There can be many problems or few depending upon the severity of the injury and in what part of the brain the injury is located.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Still The Best Thing For Social Anxiety

There are many ways we can work on overcoming our social anxiety. Remembering that a slow and steady approach to ending your fears will always be the best solution, and that CBT should always be the first choice before anything.

Productivity and ADHD

Did you know that the answer to your productivity depends on the first 15 minutes of your day? Physically we know having breakfast in the morning is important to getting the right fuel to sustain our energy and metabolism throughout the day. What we may not realize is that fueling our brain with what it needs to sustain focus and productivity is equally as important.

Understanding Mental Illnesses And Their Origin

Arnold seemed to be balanced and intelligent when we were teens and we had a gang. He had the best parents of the world, and two very kind sisters. He didn’t seem to be someone who could someday lose his mind. However, certain day he started breaking everything in his house and hitting his sisters. He was interned in a clinic and he had electroshock therapy. He never recuperated his human conscience again. He became idiotic. His words had no meaning.

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