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Updated: August 16, 2023

How to Win the Next Six Months | Jim Kwik

Dual Diagnosis: Illness of the Mind or Disease of the Brain?

A significant number of Americans have a dual diagnosis, and many live day to day without treatment. Some experts question whether addiction is only a mental disorder and not brain disease, as it was once widely believed.

Stress Handling Vs Stress Elimination

Understanding the impact of stress on one’s health can further open up several questions. Often, you might be confused as to the best ways to handle or eliminate stress, and cannot tell one from the other. This is a guide that lays out the differences between stress handling and stress management, and the best ways to incorporate each of them.

Thoughts That Keep Bothering Us

Many people are bothered by intrusive thoughts. Do not be afraid if that is the case. There is no imminent danger. Do not fight compulsive thoughts with the same compulsivity as they occur to you. If they outgrow you, seek help from friends and if need be, professionals.

The Human Microbiome and Mood Swings

It is commonly known that microbes help digestion, immune system development as well as the production of vitamins, to name a few. But did you know that the same microbes play a role in emotions and brain development? Keep reading to find out how exactly.

Tips for Overcoming Gym Anxiety

Summers are approaching and it is the time to visit the beaches again, however, not with the love handles and double chins. It is also the time to invest in a good gym and get your summer body back, however, many people shy away from doing so. People struggle with gym anxiety wherein they fear being judged or laughed at even at the thought of entering a gym.

50 Percent US Kids With Mental Health Conditions Remain Untreated, Claims Study

Half of the children in the United States suffering from any kind of mental disorder remain untreated, revealed a recently published study. The researchers analyzed data gathered from the 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health, a nationwide survey administered to the parents of young adolescents.

Debunking Myths Surrounding Mental Health

In a given year, 1 in 5 adults struggle with a mental health disorder in the United States. This corresponds to 43.8 million people or 18.5 percent of the total population. Nevertheless, millions of people are stigmatized, discriminated, and isolated by their families, friends, and even employers because of the widespread myths surrounding mental health. This can make it difficult for a person dealing with a mental illness to recover.

Dealing With Anxomnia

The primary points that nearly 40 percent Americans worry about is their health, career, and financial matters. In addition, over 43 percent feel that life is generally becoming anxiety-inducing with constant worries about the future. People worry about their ability to afford a home, closing a debt, not earning enough to live on and even about looking for and sustaining a job. However, the biggest anxiety triggers are not the topics mentioned above, but the inability to sleep properly.

Dealing With Relationship Stress

The start to a relationship is often high-spirited when couples tend to fall head over heels for each other. The urgency to talk and meet is so intense that time seems to fly initially. However, when the euphoria settles and one gets used to the partner, real time problems start surfacing. At times, things might get so stressful that the partners start contemplating separation. At others, the stress slowly pushes them to the brink of developing mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

Teeth Can Predict Future Mental Health of Children, Says Study

Archaeologists have used teeth since long to reveal information related to lifestyle, cause of death, and ancient civilizations. However, a recent study reported by the Daily Mail suggested that teeth can also give us information about the future. Researchers have found that teeth can predict the susceptibility to mental health disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression, in children.

Compulsive Gambling-Wanna Bet?

Compulsive gambling is an addiction like many others. Learn about what compulsive gambling is and what treatment looks like.

How to Deal With Emotional Abusers Manipulators Etc

Emotional Abuse, Manipulation, Blackmail is SO common in relationships, workplaces, families. And it is not ONLY women who fall victims. Emotional Abuse can destroy your life. You need to be very careful and Love Yourself First.

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