How To Focus Your Distracted Mind | Jim Kwik & Adam Gazzaley

Updated: March 9, 2023

How To Focus Your Distracted Mind | Jim Kwik & Adam Gazzaley

Advantages Of Psychotherapy Treatments

These days’ individuals are seeking treatment for a variety of reasons. Usually, they seek help for a personal matter. Some people will expect that psychotherapy will help them in resolving their problems immediately.

Causes Of OCD

There is an ambiguity on what causes Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), though numerous research and studies has already been conducted to explain its causes. Theories and assumptions about the causes of OCD state that people with families suffering with OCD have a higher possibility of developing the disorder, however it has also been noted that there are people suffering from the disorder with no such family history. Researchers say imbalance in the chemical serotonin in the brain may be the ones contributing to the development of the disorder and a certain chromosome or gene deviation possibly doubles the probability of developing…

Signs of Dyslexia in Adults

Coping with dyslexia is easy once you understand it. Discovering dyslexia is sometimes the best thing that can happen.

Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is the absence of mental illness, mental unwellness & mental imbalance and is essential to my emotional well-being. Mental illness is diagnosed as a mal-function of the brain causing a disorder in personality and behaviour. It is thought to be the inability to function as a normal, rational human being due to a problem that is inherent within the brain circuitry.

Herbal Remedies for ADHD in Children

Most parents, like myself, who have children in the public school system, either have a child or know of other children receiving medication for ADHD. In the United States, about 4.7 million children ages 3 – 17 have been diagnosed at some point with ADHD. The U.S. alone accounts for 90% of worldwide prescriptions for stimulants for ADHD.

Visual Art and the Need for Mental Illness

The relationship between art and mental illness is discussed with specific examples. A neuro-physiologic basis is explored.

Want to Know How to Deal With ADHD? Choose an Appropriate ADHD Treatment

Are you having a loved one showing signs or symptoms of ADD or ADHD i.e. Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder? Are you looking to find out an appropriate treatment to deal with ADHD? You are definitely not alone.

The Pros And Cons Of Black And White Thinking

Black and white thinking is sometimes referred to as absolutist or dichotomous thinking. In this kind of thinking, something is all right, or all wrong, all good, or all bad. If you are not a total success, then you are a complete failure. There is no middle ground, regardless of situation or context. It is as if there is only hot water or cold water, no degrees of warm water.

Schizophrenia – A Treatment That Helps Schizophrenic Individuals Recover Their Lost Conscience

I discovered the existence of anti-conscience after continuing Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation. I was then attacked by the anti-conscience. Thus, I saw very clearly that all the symptoms that torture schizophrenic individuals are the consequence of the attacks of the anti-conscience. Fortunately, I started following dream therapy when I was 24-years-old. Therefore, when four years later, I too had to bear the anti-conscience’s attacks, my human conscience was not completely destroyed. If you are schizophrenic you must understand that you are fighting against a demon.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder – What Everyone Should Know

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that can be very debilitating to a person’s normal life. Of course, it can also wreak havoc on the lives of the people around them as well. Unfortunately, there are 5.7 million adults within the United States today who are forced to deal with this debilitating disorder. Herein it is important to take into consideration the fact that misdiagnosis is very uncommon due to the continuum and various forms of this disorder.

Coping With Bipolar Disorder – Everything You Need to Know

Coping with bipolar disorder is not impossible as people might think. All that is required is getting proper medication and therapy, which will help reduce the episodes from occurring more frequently. The therapy helps to identify what triggers these bipolar episodes and how to cope or avoid them.

History of Bipolar Disorder – You Should Know This

The history of bipolar disorder dates back more than 2000 years, where extreme cases of depression and evident mood swings were clearly identified in a patient after a close medical evaluation. With time, the disorder was very significant where reviews showed how mentally ill patients were being taken care of in hospitals in Paris. This is the period when the illness was clearly emphasized and it clearly showed the clear relationship between depression and mania where in extreme cases it led permanent psychosis.

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