How the food you eat affects your brain – Mia Nacamulli Updated for 2022

Updated: November 17, 2022

How the food you eat affects your brain – Mia Nacamulli

Fighting Absurdity Based On Dream Interpretation

I had to stop writing the scientific book I was writing since February of 1988 with the intention to prove to the world that only Jung’s method of dream interpretation must be taken seriously. This was a big irony, but after discovering the existence of the anti-conscience I couldn’t keep being merely a writer. I had to stop being a theoretical researcher. I suddenly had to fight the anti-conscience’s absurdity into practice. After wining this battle, I also had to help other people do the same by translating their dreams for them during two decades.

Group Psychology Helps Millions of People

People attend group Psychology because it helps them to cope with their everyday problems. Some people spend years in therapy trying to overcome situations.

Protecting Your Mental Health And Your Life

The anti-conscience is a self-destructive conscience because it is idiotic. It tries to destroy your human conscience and take the place of your ego. Its existence means that you are a demon because you have the conscience of a demon, but you also are a human being because God gave you a human conscience. I’m giving you well-organized and clear lessons and separating your anti-conscience from your human conscience. However, in your brain everything works at the same time.

PTSD Emotions Fall Away Like A Leper Physique

The great thing about finally healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is that not only unwanted emotions fall away, but things in our life and environment. These include our relationships that were one-sided and not giving anything in return. They may have been from people who just suck out our energy.

Compassion Fatigue When Caring for a Loved One

Caring for a chronically ill or disabled spouse, elderly parent, or other loved one can be a rewarding and heartfelt experience. While caring for a loved one can be a rewarding experience, many caregivers often shut down emotionally and lack the time and energy to properly care for themselves. Many family caregivers find themselves in what is called the “sandwich generation” in which they are caring for their younger children and elderly parents.

Gender Identity Disorder

A person is said to have a gender identity disorder when he or she has a strong desire to be part of the opposite sex. The desire is so strong that the individual actually believes himself to be a member of the opposite sex who is trapped in the wrong body. Gender identity disorder is widely known as trans-sexuality or transgenderism.

Has the Time Come to Seek Out an Addiction Therapist or Depression Counseling?

It is not uncommon for people to be dealing with mental health issues including addiction and depression. This year look into finally addressing some of those issues like seeking out an addiction therapist or depression counseling… and finally start moving towards a brighter future.

How Physical Activity Affects the Brain

A growing body of research suggests that physical activity is directly associated with the enhanced cognitive health. In this day and age, when children are closer to their gaming consoles than the playgrounds, it can be hard for parents to ensure the appropriate physical and mental development of their child. Research shows that children who spend more time outdoors have enhanced cognitive development.

A Blueprint for Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s Disease. Few diagnoses strike more fear in our hearts, both as the recently diagnosed and as the ones who love them. Immediately, thoughts run the gamut from worries about loss of independence to mourning the expected loss of a loved one to a disease which steals them from us while we watch.

Dark Side of Attention: Unnoticed or Forgotten?

The phenomenon of failing to detect a stimulus in plain sight when attention is engaged elsewhere is called inattentional blindness (IB). According to recent findings, IB can be explained as a perceptual deficit, not a deficit in memory or inattentional amnesia (IA). The following article is a literature review on the two approaches, IB as a perceptual deficit and IA, and examines which of the approaches best predict the failure to notice unexpected stimuli.

Medical Assistants For The US Army Could Ultimately Prevent Suicides

Statistics show a direct relationship between mental disorders caused by traumatic events and suicide in our military services. Medical assistants might just save the lives of many of our nation’s heros!

The Importance of Exercise in Psychological Recovery

Exercise in recovery from mental illness, addiction or trauma is critical if a person is to have any hope of returning to a normal, healthy life. Personal recovery begins during clinical recovery (treatment), but continues long afterward, and incorporating exercise and physical activity into this process can help in many ways.

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