How people feel when you forget their name

Updated: March 12, 2023

How people feel when you forget their name

How To Deal With ADHD in Children – Understanding ADHD Issues

It is essential to learn how to deal with ADHD in children so that parents can deal with ADHD in children effectively and help children cope with ADHD with proper knowledge and techniques. The statistics mention that ADHD or Attention Deficit Disorder occurs in the children who are under seven years of age.

The One Important Decision You Make For Your Child May Be Treating ADHD With Diet

You’ve heard this before on the news, how food dyes may cause or contribute to ADHD. It was discounted by the FDA and now it is appearing again mainly because of consumer complaints and scientific evidence. The FDA is looking into the increasing proof that food dyes do indeed cause reactions in quite a few children.

What Is Paranoid Schizophrenia?

Find out about the mental health condition paranoid schizophrenia. Do you or a loved one have it? Find out here.

OCPD Treatment – Hopeless OCD Sufferers?

OCPD treatment more specifically means obsessive compulsive personality disorder treatment. When someone has…

The Long Goodbye: What I Learned At A Last-Stage Alzheimer Unit

I was asked to design and implement a Mental Health Community Service Project. I chose an Alzheimer facility in Oregon. What I set out to achieve, and what I actually achieved were very different, and I was changed in the process. This is what a group of last-stage Alzheimer patients taught me about living life to the fullest.

Bipolar 1 Disorder – Everything You Need To Know

Bipolar I disorder is a mental condition that is characterized by mixed or manic episodes lasting for about seven days. At times, it is characterized by very severe manic symptoms that call for immediate medical care. Along with the manic episodes, a sufferer may experience depressive episodes that may last for a minimum duration of about two weeks.

What Is Agoraphobia? Agoraphobia With Relation to Panics Attacks

Agoraphobia is thought by many people to be categorized as a fear of leaving ones home and going out in public. This generalized idea isn’t completely true, as this condition can occur in different settings.

The Benefits of Counseling (Psychotherapy)

I decided to become a psychotherapist only after I’d done my own stint on “the couch.” Over the course of six months of weekly therapy, I discovered the value of it for myself, and because of the transforming power of it, decided to return to college to complete my education in psychology. This is my personal testimony to the power of psychotherapy, and why talk therapy is still an effective, important and viable method of treating mental health disorders in an age of psycho-pharmaceuticals.

10 Misconceptions and Myths About Psychiatry

There are certain misconceptions about psychiatry that people have lived with over the years simply because either they do not understand the nature of psychiatric illnesses or because they are firmly rooted in their cultural beliefs. These beliefs have been proven to be inaccurate as they are really unfounded and cannot be backed by scientific rationale. They have partially been responsible for the negligence a psychiatric patient is sometimes exposed to.

Bipolar Disorders – An Overview of the Main Types

Bipolar disorder is also known as maniac depression. The disease causes mood swings and there might be low episodes of depression or high episodes of mania. With depression, you feel hopeless and will mostly loose interest in most activities.

DBT: How Emotion Impacts Thinking, Self, and Relationships

One of the theories behind DBT is that emotions interfere with other aspects of functioning. If emotional arousal is high it has the capacity to interfere with thinking, experience of self, actions, and interpersonal relationships. This may be especially true for people that are sensitive to emotions, experience emotions as strong and intense, and have difficulty getting emotional arousal down.

5 Steps for a Better You

Many people don’t have enough confidence due to several reasons. Some experienced rejections and criticisms (bad looking nose, fat body, etc.) from family, friends or from other people. Some were due to the effects of media as it usually multiplies the effect of poor body image problem when it implies certain beauty standards.

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