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Updated: November 14, 2022

How do you get the most out of 2022 | Jim Kwik

Mental Health and Valentine’s Day – Finding the Confidence to Find Love

Whatever your challenges are in life; anxiety, bi-polar; Aspergers syndrome, schizophrenia or simply having trouble communicating, you can’t just give up because you haven’t found love or met people who live their lives based on appearances or fear. You know that. Tell yourself: “I deserve to be loved. I deserve happiness and I…

You Don’t Have To Be Shot At To Be Stressed At Work

Some jobs are clearly more stressful than others. Being in fear of your life every moment of every day doesn’t have much competition. But, for sensitive people, life can seem like that and mundane ordinary jobs – jobs that other people cope with and even enjoy – can seem like a journey into Hell every day. This is one of the reasons why tranquillisers and anti-depressants are amongst the most commonly prescribed medications. But it isn’t so much about the job, it’s because we’ve lost touch with our soul. We’ve lost touch with who we are, and we’ve lost touch with our connection to others. We live isolated lives where we have to spend so much time just earning enough to pay the bills that we have little time left for ourselves or our families. Change is possible. Peace is achievable.

Children With Anxiety Disorders Need The Best Treatment

In the early years when children show the slightest sign of anxiety or restlessness, most parents make much of it. Some even rush for medical help. But more often than not, this turns out to be a “false alarm”. In the process of growing up, children will face many situations where they will need to take a glimpse of the real world. This process exposes them to new people, places, and situations which may make them feel lost or worried. Anxiety, in this form is a common emotion in children and teenagers, and normally goes away in time. All children get sad, worried and sometimes depressed. But they get over it in a day or two.

Qigong Bites PTSD And Energy Vampires

Using the practices of Qigong and or Reiki universal energy is what I am referring to. Accessing this healing connection to our Higher Power (Jesus is mine) is totally up to the person calling upon this energy Source. I use the word, “Source” because each representative of a Higher Power’s energy (whether it be Christ, Buddha, Taoism, or just the Universe) can be used if regarded as a Master with the greatest respect.

Fear and Extreme States of Mind

Fear often leads one to emotional distress. We must explore the human condition and be able to journey with those in extreme states to help transform breakdown to breakthrough.

Psychological Benefits Of Physical Fitness

Physical and mental wellbeing are interconnected. Being physically active comes with a host of surprising emotional, social, and psychological benefits.

Facts About Opioid Replacement Therapy

Do You Need Methadone Rehabilitation? Methadone is a synthetic opioid mainly prescribed as a long range replacement therapy for dependence to opioids. While methadone was once administered strictly at licensed methadone rehabilitation detox hospitals and drug clinics, within the past several years the drug is being prescribed in a pill form for severe pain.

Choose Your Conscious Inner Presence

In order to avoid reacting as our worst selves to frustrating situations and life’s challenges, we can step away, breathe, and access our inner, deeper emotions. When we find out how we are really being triggered, we can get ourselves to be more present and avoid “slipping” and reverting to old behaviors. When we pay attention to our bodies’ signals, we can interrupt the drive to do or say something we will regret later. We can be in the moment and act from our soul’s wisdom.

Cure for Schizophrenia Might Be Found Within the Olfactory

Einstein son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Is there a possibility that the olfactory sense could possibly be the cure?

What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder And What Must You Do To Beat GAD Naturally?

Millions of people suffer from generalized anxiety disorder without knowing it. Recognizing the symptoms and knowing the facts can lead you to finding a natural cure quickly.

Avoiding Absurdity And Finding Mental Health

Absurdity is generated by evilness because the evil desire to destroy everyone and everything distorts the objective reality with manipulations in order to achieve its destructive goals. The evil desire doesn’t respect anyone or anything; not even the natural laws that predetermine the functioning of the world. This is why this evil desire is absurd and violent.

Childhood Mental Disorders – Advice For Parents Of ADHD Children

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is the most prevalent of all childhood mental disorders, affecting an estimated 6 million children in the United States alone. While there is no proven cure, the severity of the disorder can be greatly reduced through effective treatment.

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