Groundbreaking Approach To Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease | Jim Kwik & Dr. David Perlmutter Updated for 2023

Updated: March 10, 2023

Groundbreaking Approach To Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease | Jim Kwik & Dr. David Perlmutter

Denial in Addictive Disease

Denial plays a significant role in addiction, resulting in the inability of the individual with addiction to have sufficient insight into the drug or alcohol problem to even know he/she needs to seek help. The term “denial” is used in this article in a very broad sense as an umbrella word to encompass conscious and semi-conscious forms of denial.

The Myth of Antenatal Depression

Many of us who trained as health care professionals, were taught that “Pregnancy is Protective” and therefore antenatal depression does not exist. Given this and the reality that psychotropic medication can pose risks to the unborn child pregnant women are highly likely to be abruptly taken of their medication and not given much support at this time.

How to Forget a Traumatic Experience

A lot of people who have made it through a traumatic experience wish to just forget everything about it and hope that it would be equivalent to overcoming. But, it is possible to eradicate from your memories the horrifying experiences. Healing the wounds caused by such experiences takes faith, time, and perseverance.

Overdiagnosis of Bipolar Disorder? More Damaging Than You Might Think

While Bipolar disorder is undoubtedly an illness that affects many, the fact that the number of such diagnoses increased by 4,000 percent in a mere 10 year span (1994-2003) should raise some eyebrows. When examining the biology of the illness, there is surprisingly little in the way of scientific evidence. Yes, people who have been labeled bipolar have been “proven” to have an irregular serotonin release/reuptake. However, evidence suggests that such biological “evidence” could be misleading. While it is true that a hereditary pattern seems to exist, the extremes of the illness does lead one to question whether such behaviors are learned rather than passed down through genetics. Moreover, many diagnoses occur after a person experiences moderate to severe stress which “triggered” either manic or depressive episodes NOTE: NOT intended to serve as medical advice. I AM NOT a medical or mental health professional.

Loneliness and Dementia

A new study states that there is a distinct relationship between loneliness and the development of dementia. While there is no hard proof of this yet, assisted living might be able to alleviate some of the factors that contribute to this.

Your Brain Is Hardwired For Truth

Your neurons are HARD WIRED for Truth, and Truth is what holds all things together. False signals, sooner or later, develop into chaos. Lack of any communication is more trust worthy than miscommunication. False signals make it so you do not know where you are going and that is where you are likely to end up. A few years ago I wrote these words: Total Truth gives no false signals. The flow of even the slightest false witness gives the wrong signal and initiates the flow of wrong energy and matter. Opinions do not count as Truth. Because nothing is as it appears, what you perceive as reality is in fact, at least in part, an illusion. Untruth is an illusion paralleled with deception.

The Truth About Adult ADHD

Adults with ADHD have trouble concentrating, struggle with organization, lose things, forget things, feel restless, and make impulsive decisions. These are all the same symptoms that children with ADHD experience. But ADHD impacts adult lives in some very specific ways.

Number One Health Concern Is Retaining Mental Performance

Cognitive decline is our #1 health concern. The greatest fear of aging is not dying but losing mental performance. Another US Baby Boomer becomes 65 every 8 seconds.

Researchers Discover Uncharted Channel in the Brain

It’s an exciting adventure to make a discovery of uncharted territory. I know the feeling. Today’s technology allows us to make discoveries that yesteryear were unthinkable.

Compulsive Sex With Strangers: A Form of Sex Addiction

Compulsive sex with strangers as a form of sex addiction. The level of familiarity between sex partners can vary, and so can the methods of sexual contact.

The Value of Psychotherapy

I have recently set up a new practice as a Psychotherapist which led to a discussion with my partner in the practice as to our fees. This in turn led to thoughts about how to value our work. My partner had listened to webinar on marketing that had discussed different types of customers and the importance of targeting one’s business to a particular type of client.

Kill PTSD Stress When We Evaluate Our Calling Options

One way of alleviating undue stress is by distancing ourselves from those who have not learned the skill of monitoring their own over-worked negative emotions that are causing them to be stressed. Likewise, it becomes a “tag” you and I are it with anger and fear following and closing in behind us.

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