Foods for Reducing Anxiety with Liana Werner-Gray & Jim Kwik Updated for 2024

Updated: March 31, 2024

Foods for Reducing Anxiety with Liana Werner-Gray & Jim Kwik

Think About How You Think – Thought Forms

Thought forms will be held in our mind and limit our life experience until we grow strong enough, seek professional assistance, and even spiritual intervention to help us break the long held patterns of painful restriction. We must become aware of these limitations and have grown weary enough of their presence to finally choose to seek out help and make this dramatic change.

Anxiety and Depression – What’s the Difference?

Anxiety and depression are commonly used diagnostic terms that often confuse people. In a nutshell, both are emotional disorders which are having correlation with each other but not the same. Anxiety is known to lead to depression whereas for depression, it could be worsening when increased anxiety is applied to a person who has depression.

Why Should You Visit a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists can be defined as typical medical doctors that have highly specialized training and they have a lot of touch in mental health. Thus instead of simply being a general practitioner, they attend an extra schooling to gain insights in mental health and well-being. Below are some factors that can make you to take the very difficult step of visiting a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

A Soldier’s Exploration of Mental Health and PTSD

Mental Health problems have become more common in service personnel. Having been through the worst of this most painful journey, I wanted to better understand what happened.

Substance Abuse Induced Mental Disorders

Co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis is a condition when somebody has an addiction and a mental disorder together. Substance abuse can also trigger a mental disorder resulting in co-morbidity.

The MIND Diet Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease: Study

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a progressive brain disorder that can hinder a person’s ability to carry on with daily activities. There is no cure for this devastating disease, though one can lower the risk of developing AD.

Integrated Approach – Best Way to Treat Dual Diagnosis

Around 8.9 million Americans suffer from co-occurring mental health conditions and substance use disorders every year, and only 7.4 percent of them receive appropriate treatment, says a 2015 report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). When a person suffers from both the problems simultaneously, for example a mood disorder like depression or bipolar disorder and addiction to alcohol or drugs, it is known as dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders.

Simple Steps to Deal With OCD

In layman’s term, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental illness that causes a person to do something repeatedly for no reason. Living with OCD can be quite unnerving and difficult. It does not discriminate, and can inflict anybody ranging from the rich and famous to the guy next door.

Dementia Is Not Just in Your Genes

It has been found recently that there are several genes that are directly associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease which is one of the most common causes behind the development of dementia. There are the genes that increase the chances of being affected by Dementia. More research is still being carried out on this new finding.

IDDT May Help Treat Addiction and Mental Condition Effectively

Dual diagnosis describes the co-occurrence of substance abuse and mental illness in a person, wherein he generally uses a substance to mask the symptoms of a mood disorder. It thus means two or more mental or behavioral disorders occurring in the same person and at the same time, or one after the other.

Why Fiction Is More Favourable Than Fact and Dangerous to Mental Health

The importance of facts in our daily lives is overridden by fiction and make-believe that can wipe out fear and impact one with a brief taste of joy. In other words it is a drug and the wearing off of it causes pain and a longing for more to overcome it. The hooks sent out by fictional characters impact on one’s own life and they may even try to emulate a character from their favourite story.

Why Debt Is a Trigger for Suicide

Fear is the greatest motivator for most actions undertaken during one’s life. Society plans to make what we become part of the ‘norm’ and to be in a situation where control and power is in the hands of governments and religions. The Spirit within, which most have at birth, is at risk of being severed by what one learns during their early years.

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