Finding Opportunities in Hard Situations | Jim Kwik & Jason Feifer

Updated: January 25, 2023

Finding Opportunities in Hard Situations | Jim Kwik & Jason Feifer

How Psychiatry Is Misunderstood

Psychiatry is often misunderstood by people who don’t understand the topic and nature of psychiatric treatment or hold on too tightly to their culture and its beliefs. This is the reason why people have so many misconceptions about psychiatry.

Hyperbaric Chamber: The Mechanical Shrine Of Solace

Accelerated healing is no science fiction now. A hyperbaric chamber does the trick for it. This miracle machine is actually a metal chamber which is hard wired to a control panel. This control panel empowers us to adjust the pressure of air inside the chamber to give the person inside, an experience of higher atmospheric pressure than normal environment.

How Not To Be So Bitchy – Use Brainwave Entrainment

When you’ve gotten into stress mode, empathy and compassion are not firing in your brain, giving you the opportunity to be bitchy. Brainwave entrainment can put you back into a better place so you can perform at your best…before you lose all your friends.

Mapping the Human Brain

One of the most important science projects ever undertaken by man was quietly launched in 2010… the Human Connectome Project, the mapping of the complex networking of the human brain. The goal of this $30 million NIH project is to survey every connection between the neurons in the adult brain.

How to Increase Mind Power

In this article there are a few suggestions on habits that must be altered or corrected in order to ensure a good base for increasing the power of the mind. These habits are listed and tackled one by one with advice as to how to go about making the necessary changes.

Choosing Food For Brain Health

Fascinating findings regarding food for brain health. How you eat might just have an impact on the health of your brain.

Self Injury: Common Mistakes Made When Trying to Help

Many parents, friends, teachers and mental health professionals will learn that someone they care about is injuring themselves. Most caring people get frightened and are not sure how to proceed or what the behavior means. In the following article, common mistakes are explored and useful strategies for appropriate assistance are explained.

Vastness of the Human Brain

Sugar is more than just the energy to keep the brain functioning. Smart Sugars and Bad Sugars impact the brain differently.

What Is a Private Psychologist?

Psychologists are probably the only people a person can talk their mind to. Other people might start judging you, they might get offended by what you say, or they might just think you are weird. Whatever the case may be, you can always rely on psychologists to help you out with any kind of mental trouble you might be facing.

Ways To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Enjoying a tasty piece of baked or grilled (broiled) fish just once a week might improve the health of your brain, bringing down the risk of mild cognitive impairment (also known as MCI) and helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease according to new research. The study found that eating fish that was not fried, but rather baked or broiled, helps to preserve brain neurons, making them stronger brain areas that are important for thinking and memory.

Link Between Dementia And Depression

Diabetes patients who are worried by dementia and depression take note. Odds for dementia go up markedly for those who have both type 2 diabetes and struggle with depression. Those with diabetes are two times more likely to develop memory and independence robbing dementia within 3 – 5 years after receiving a diagnosis of depression, compared to those who didn’t have depression but did have diabetes.

7 Steps to Relaxation

How does relaxation help you in your day to day life? Some people brush off relaxation. As a therapist, I teach children deep belly breathing. How often do we use it in our day to day lives? It is an important tool to have in our arsenal.

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