Eat These Foods to Diminish Dementia Risk? Updated for 2024

Updated: January 22, 2024

Eat These Foods to Diminish Dementia Risk?

Celebrate the Positive Qualities of ADHD

Life with ADHD is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week-adventure!! If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with ADHD, then you know how challenging it can be at times. Unfortunately, most of our focus is on the “negative aspects and problems” of ADHD and rarely are the strengths or positive qualities of ADHD appreciated or celebrated!

Thirty-Nine Questions to Ask Yourself When You Are Trying to Get Things Done

If asking yourself “How can I be more productive? or “How can I get things done?” isn’t working for you, try considering your responses to the following questions to help you figure out what is getting in your way and how you can solve the real issue.

When They Say I Don’t Believe in ADHD

Incredible as it sounds, I still am amazed at how often I hear people say “I don’t believe in ADHD.” You probably have heard it too. And if you are like me, the moment those words come out of their mouth, every hair raises on the back of your neck, the fire starts to churn in the pit of your stomach and your mind feels like it is going to explode.

Natural Doesn’t Come in a Plastic Bottle

“ADHD medications aren’t natural.” “I only want to use natural ways to manage my ADHD symptoms.” These are just some of the familiar comments I hear during or following one of my presentations about ADHD medications. In our world where more and more things come out of a bag or a factory, it makes sense that we are trying to balance this with as much “natural” in our lives as possible.

Avoiding ADHD Insanity

Have you been trying the same strategies to get out the door on time, but constantly arrive late? Are you struggling to organize your day at work or home only to lose (errr… forget) important pieces of the puzzle? Do you find yourself losing your temper with your children, spouse or other important people in your life and end the day feeling frustrated?

Minimizing Your Symptoms of ADD: Which Comes First, Exercise, Diet or Sleep?

Which is more important to help manage your symptoms of ADD… exercise, diet or sleep? Ideally we are fueling our bodies with nutritious food, moving our bodies with regular exercise and getting the consistent sleep we need to feel rested, alert and focused to decrease our symptoms of ADD.

Happiness and ADHD

Recently I’ve noticed that being “happy” or striving for “happiness” is a major topic of many conversations. We seem to live in a world where we are inundated by information about being happy. Pursuing it could literally be a full time job! Being someone who has struggled with depression, it has made me wonder what would happen if we were happy all the time, whether unhappiness has a purpose, and if happiness is really the point.

What Zone Are You In?

Ahhh… the comfort zone. That comfy familiar place where we feel safe. Here we can kick back, relax and pat ourselves on the back. Livin’ seems easy… but there is an underlying restlessness as if something is missing. Is this the comfort zone or… are we “zoning out”?

ADHD Is a Disorder, Not a Gift

ADHD is seen by some talented people as a gift rather than a disorder. However, this ignores the reality that ADHD is a serious problem for many people and is associated with a lot of negative social statistics.

Increase Productivity In Three Steps

Most people will tell you that they would do more if they just could find the time. Improving time management skills can give you more time to be more productive. Actually, time can’t be managed; it’s what we do with our time that will make a difference. Productivity can increase quite a bit once you start counting those lost minutes.

Sleep and Fatigue: From Lark to Owl (It’s Not What You Think)

The Habit of Personal Responsibility For Everything causes a lot of heartbreak. I talk about this problem habit in a series on sleep and fatigue, which is epidemic in the “developed world.” If you feel sleep deprived, you’re not alone. And if you believe you’re the source of the problem, you also share a common belief that may not be true. This article is first in the series.

When Does Sanity Cross the Line Into the Realm of Insanity?

The borderline between sanity and insanity is a matter of interpretation. Perhaps we are all a little bit crazy, but whether we are considered sane or insane is a matter of degree. The real question is how crazy do we have to be in order to cross the line?

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