Do You Keep a Journal? | Jim Kwik

Updated: December 18, 2022

Do You Keep a Journal? | Jim Kwik

OCD Diagnosis In Children and Adults

Before you can diagnose whether someone suffers from OCD you first need to look at the different compulsions the person has. If they fall into the category of OCD then a positive diagnosis can be made. Read this article to better understand how to diagnose whether you or someone you know has OCD.

How OCD and Depression Are Connected

This article goes in depth into how OCD and depression are inter-connected. What often happens is that the OCD symptoms become so debilitating that the sufferer develops depression.

Ways to Deal With Anxiety Disorders

Article that lists several common anxiety disorders and how to treat them. Very informative article with useful content that anyone who worries a lot can benefit from.

5 HTP Natural Anxiety Supplements

For those looking for alternative methods in which to control their anxiety, there are many options available today. Exercise, relaxation techniques, specific diets, and some natural supplements can all be of help to certain individuals, and might be worth trying for the anxiety sufferer looking for ways to take control without the use of prescription medications. One such natural supplement that has proven itself to have good results for anxiety sufferers is 5 HTP.

Hypnosis: An Effective Form of Phobia Therapy?

Hypnosis therapy is an approach that is taken to help treat the phobias that people experience. Since phobias, no matter how strange, are the result of a fearful event or incident in a person’s past, hypnotherapy can help to bring to light the memories that are attached to this issue and help to effectively treat the fear.

Preventing Alzheimer’s By Being Active

What costs relatively little, is accessible to virtually all individuals regardless of age, is safe and helps to prevent the onset of a medical condition that adults almost universally fear? The answer is that physical activity – of all kinds – turns out to be an effective way to delay or even prevent the onset of the form of dementia we refer to as Alzheimer’s.

Treating Mental Health Disorders

There are so many mental health disorders, it would be impossible to include them here, but we will discuss some of the most popular ones that affect so many people around the world. Some are extremely serious and advanced, and only medical attention would be the solution treatment. Others, in a lighter form, can be treated at home, to some extent, but seeing your doctor is always recommended.

Re-Thinking Self-Defeating Behavior

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), which is drawn from the roots of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, can be used for a variety of mental health issues, some more severe than others. Following is an example of how DBT can be used for over sleeping.

Understanding The Functioning of The Human Brain and Finding Sound Mental Health

Mental illnesses cannot be cured by ignorant doctors who have no idea about how the human brain works because they cannot see the internal functioning of the human brain. They ignore the correlations existent between various reactions, the same way they ignore what really cases a certain reaction. The only solution found for this tragic reality comes from Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams and their healing power.

Taking Action Against PTSD

Life has a way of throwing roadblocks in front of our dreams and aspirations. From work related responsibilities to planning children’s birthday parties, life’s stress inducing elements can get in the way of enjoying of what is beautiful in this world.

5 Reasons to Get Treatment for Depressive Disorders

It is very common for people to suffer from depression or any other psychiatric problem these days; these problems are increasing because of the pressure of a fast paced life and lack of family support systems. A person needs to get the right treatment for depressive disorders or else he or she will not be able to lead a normal and productive life. It is important to understand what the common symptoms of these disorders are so that one understands the need for getting the right treatment…

The Great Procrastination Myth

Is it possible your procrastination is a key to your success? A recent session with a client struggling with procrastination challenged me to rethink the whole concept.

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