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Updated: November 24, 2022

Do THIS If You Want to Be Truly WEALTHY | Jim Kwik

Treating Mental Illness With Compassion

There is too much humanity in human beings for our own good. In our unique and innate brokenness, we take any example of maladjustment that clings to us as persons and we berate ourselves for it. If our ears poke out too much, or we speak with a lisp, or our hips appear too disproportionate to the rest of our bodies, or we are no good at math, we feel ashamed. There is an ancient form of guilt imposed from deep within and there seems nothing we can do about it.

Surround Yourself With Good People – Don’t Let Others Pull You Down

According to a recent study, you are a reflection of the people in your life. The company you keep ultimately starts reflecting in your common behaviors such as self-control, social skills and even lifestyle choices. Research has established that those of us struggling with temptations can enhance their self-control when they surround themselves with others who are strong-willed. If you are struggling with issues, such as poor confidence levels, weight-loss goals or communication issues, you could really benefit from sticking to your goals instead of all the efforts you need to make to achieve them. In such situations, negative feedback from one or more people around you could cause a relapse, taking you farther back from achieving your objectives. Learn to stay away from people who pull you down, instead spend more time with positive people since their positivity will ultimately leave a mark on you.

Depression and Suicide – How to Prevent Both

Can you stop the ocean waves from flowing? Neither can you prevent any malady from becoming a problem using today’s procedures and understandings. In order to manage life we must depart from typical procedures and embrace the teachings taught through the ages i.e. embrace our spirit connectedness as part of the togetherness in the ONENESS of life love and living. Ignoring SPIRIT is tantamount to retaining ignorance for ignorance sake which is ludicrous to say the least. Love life through Spirit and then await truth to lift the veil of ignorance revealing possibilities to uplift and thrive.

3 Steps to Surviving a Verbally Abusive Relationship

Are you living in a situation that is unreal to you? Did you think you would have a good life with your partner, but instead, you suffer emotional pain? Does your relationship, which looked so attractive at first, turn out to make you miserable? Even while other people might look on your lifestyle with envy?

Multi-Million Dollar Fraud

Psychiatry is currently failing in the treatment of Schizophrenia as they believe that Schizophrenia especially hearing voices is organic dissease. Hearing voices is simply a communication. The same as a human to human communication. When another human speaks to you your brain reacts but it does not induce disease in your brain or an excess of neurotransmitteres. In the same way when the non-human commnicates with you, your brain is not physically diseased. Psychiatry needs to look at the treatment of Schizophrenia more creatively in order to be able to help treat and relieve the sick. Medication is not the only solution.

Startling Facts About Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a growing problem. Professionals who work with sex addicts need to fully understand all facets of the addiction in order to help them.

How a Sex Addict Can Get Help

If you or someone you know is struggling with sex addiction, or an unwanted sexual behavior there is help. Recovery from this addiction isn’t always easy, but getting into a recovery program can be.

Mental Health Help and Wisdom in Dreams

The existence of this wild content and its interference in our conscious mind is the most important matter of our lives. However, nobody can see the truth behind the apparent reality. The anti-conscience is an invisible enemy. It generates mental illnesses within our conscience whenever we follow its absurd thoughts. Even before generating a mental illness, it keeps interfering in our logical system.

Confession Really Is One of the Best Stress Management Strategies

Stress is a grueling and common problem that affects many people. This article will show you one of the most effective stress management strategies out there – Confession. We will show you the concept of a ‘stress journal’ and you will be able to reap the benefits as soon as you have finished reading!

Beat Stress, Live Life in the Goldilocks Zone

When it comes to aspects of life such as health, fitness and dieting, I like to think that I’m with Goldilocks. That’s not me saying that I like to be like the juvenile delinquent from the children’s story. You know the one who creeps into some law-abiding country folk’s house (the 3 bears’) then commits the act of theft (eats the porridge) and criminal damage (breaks baby bear’s chair). Rather I’m talking about the fact that I’m living in the Goldilocks Zone.

Take Your Siesta

This article explores the common misconceptions about the American workday and discusses the merits of taking breaks. A la siesta…

Community: Key to Your Personal Growth

It’s so American to be independent, however, people grow and heal when they intentionally seek out wise mentors and communities who can model behavior and mindsets needed to get unstuck. Want freedom to live a life you’ve only dreamt of? Understand how to utilize community to help you overcome personal obstacles.

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