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Updated: March 14, 2024

Change Your Words to Change Your Life | Jim Kwik

Brain Injury Services – Tips for Effective Advocacy

Advocacy is a skill and a strategy for educating others and securing services. Survivors of brain injury and their families can be powerful voices and advocates for needed programs and services. By following these tips, you can be a more effective advocate.

The 7 Serious Symptoms of Alzheimer

Early diagnosis of any disease certainly enhances the possibility of fighting against the crippling efforts of Alzheimer. It is essential for every one of us to know what are Alzheimer’s symptoms so that we can identify early if we or any one we care have this serious disease. If we get to know the occurrence of Alzheimer very early, it empowers us with the ways and the strength to coping with the same. In addition, natural remedies exist to fight very effectively against Alzheimer. To make the best of available natural remedies for Alzheimer, we should be aware of its symptoms.

Effective Natural Remedy for Alzheimer Memory Loss

When memory has slipped, we surely have to do something about it. Loss of memory is a serious symptom of the disease Alzheimer which predominantly happens to aging individuals and seniors. But, don’t worry natural remedies are here to restore memory as part of measures for Alzheimer’s cure treatment. You might have known that aluminium is the bad element which plays a vital role in Alzheimer disease.

How Counselling Can Help Traumatised People

Many people who seek counselling have experienced some form of trauma in their past. This could be due to issues that happened in their childhood such as sexual or physical abuse, bullying at school, their parents divorce, or due to a bereavement. They could have experienced the trauma as an adult due to an assault a either sexual or physical, an accident such as a road traffic accident, or due to health issues such as a diagnosis of cancer.

Mental Illness Help: Stigma, Resources, and Advice

What exactly is a mental illness? I asked myself this question seriously when members of my immediate family were first diagnosed a few years ago with Bipolar I and Schizo-Affective Disorder.

When the Histrionic Walks Into Your Personal Life

How do you know when a histrionic personality-disordered person has entered into your life? To begin with, ask yourself the following questions. Next, honestly answer each question.

When Do You Need a Thorough Expert Diagnostic Opinion for Memory Loss and Attention Deficit

When adults begin to experience a decline in their work and academic performance, they worry whether their memory loss and slow information processing is a normal age-related decline or a progressive cognitive impairment. When a child is struggling to communicate and interact with other and learn in school, parents worry whether she is suffering from a developmental delay, learning disability or ADHD. Neuropsychological evaluation helps to thoroughly evaluate symptoms of memory and attention loss, slow information processing, diminished thinking and decision making capacity in order to objectively measure their severity, consistency with a specific disorder characteristics, and determine a clear diagnosis. Neuropsychological assessment is extremely useful when cognitive impairment is experienced following any accident involving a brain injury, or a disability claim is being filed due to significantly diminished capacity to carry out job responsibilities due to memory loss and impaired thinking. Test results can also provide comprehensive diagnostic information for diagnosis of developmental delays, ADHD, autism, pervasive developmental disorder, and other disorders in children.

One Psychologist’s Opinion: It’s Time to Feather the Empty Nest

For many parents, the empty nest is extremely stressful. But, this transitional stage can have its own rewards!

Reclaiming Good Mental Health

What is good mental health? We are all more or less mentally healthy, and this usually varies through our lives especially as we deal with difficult life events, change and so on. Whether we call this psychological wellbeing, happiness, contentment, positive mindset, all these terms relate to good mental health.

When a Loved One Is Compulsively Hoarding Their Possessions and Food

It can be very hard when a loved one is a compulsive hoarder. Many times the person does not seem to recognize that it is a problem and is not interested in doing anything about it.

A Healthy Diet Can Enhance Your Memory

Everyone wants to have a very strong memory because it can help us in a lot of ways. Aside from doing exercises and solving puzzles to boost your brain, there are a lot of foods you can add to your diet to help you stay sharp.

Does Your Child Need a Bipolar Test?

Do you suspect that your child has bi-polar disorder? First of all, before you diagnose your child or have them diagnosed, it is important that you understand what bi-polar is. Bi-polar is a disorder that affects the individual’s mood and is also known as manic depressive disorder.

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