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Updated: March 8, 2023

Change your future TODAY | Jim Kwik

ADHD Natural Treatment for Teens With Depression

Most people chalk it up to teenage angst, but teens who are clinically depressed need real help. Depression is particularly common in teens diagnosed with ADHD. For some kids, depression is just one of the many symptoms that come with this disorder.

ADHD or Misdiagnosed Executive Function Disorder?

Children with ADHD don’t suffer identical symptoms. Some might be more hyperactive and impulsive, while others deal primarily with inattention. More and more experts believe that inattentive ADHD is actually a misdiagnosis for a related disorder, executive function disorder. This disorder is a broad concept that encompasses a consistent pattern of difficulties in accomplishing mundane, everyday tasks.

Symptoms Of Trichotillomania: Pulling Out Eyelashes

What are the real causes of trichotillomania? Are these just mere symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder or is it a disorder itself?

How Social Media Is Helping Dismantle the Stigma of Mental Illness

The protection of anonymity is key in facilitating critical interactions in Social Media. These positive interactions help to break down many of the stigmas associated with mental illness. It is their anonymity that allows the mentally ill to explore the Web, interact with others and openly express themselves in a manner that offers them protection from a variety of internal (psychological) and external threats (stigma).

Tips To Help A Hoarder

What possible help could you give to a person with hoarding syndrome? Or what could one do to help a hoader? There are a lot of possible ways to help individuals with hoarding syndrome.

Characteristics of Bipolar Disorder – Everything You Need to Know

Characteristics of bipolar disorder are many as they manifest themselves on the patients in different ways. They are also experienced in varying ways by many people as there are those that go for long periods of inconsistent moods and others suffer from episodes of depression and mania. Despite there being some general characteristics of bipolar disorder, they are collectively grouped into mania and depressions because these are the two main phases of this disorder.

Who Needs Psychotherapy?

Today, when mental problems have become quite common botheration among people, psychotherapist is the one who can get you out of this situation. But then, you must diagnose yourself being mentally ill. Learn who needs psychotherapy to detect the problem early and start appropriate treatment…

Oppositional Defiant Disorder – Symptom of Disobeying Elders

Oppositional defiant disorder is a problem which affects young teenagers both boys and girls. This problem is a pattern where there is more disobedient and defiant behavior. The symptoms can be noticed by any layman, as these symptoms are very common.

Trivia on Psychotherapy

Let us learn basic information about psychotherapy. How does it help and what all benefits you get undergoing psychotherapy?

Why Are the Omega Three Oils Good Brain Food?

It is recognized that the Omega three oils are very important to good health. And gradually is also being recognised good supply of DHA, the most important of the omega 3 oils, is essential for both brain development as well as good brain function.

Ambivalence Towards Life

There are times in everyone’s life when you don’t care whether or not you live or die. Sometimes it lasts for a day or two, and sometimes it lasts for months. The question is whether or not you need to worry.

How Brain Injuries Can Affect You Years Later

Brain injuries can be among the most traumatic and consequential of all injuries, and unfortunately, not all of the symptoms of a brain injury show up immediately. In some cases, it may be years before the full ramifications of a blow to the head become apparent.

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