Change Negative Self-Talk With This Little Word | Jim Kwik

Updated: December 21, 2022

Change Negative Self-Talk With This Little Word | Jim Kwik

How To Find a Good Counselor or Therapist

There are thousands of therapists and counselors available to you who are trained in numerous specialties and therapeutic approaches. Many, if not most of these therapists and counselors are highly trained in specialized fields and in specialized therapeutic approaches.

How Brain Training (Mental Exercise) Works – Part 1: What Exactly Makes Our Brain Improve?

The first part on a trilogy on how mental exercise works. In this part we explain the process of learning or memorization, how your brain adapts to the situation you’re in, and more.

Sports Related Concussions – Helpful Information for Parents and Coaches

The number of children who have suffered from concussions while playing sports has doubled in the last decade. As a result, it is even more important for parents and coaches to be aware of what to look for in order to avoid future problems.

Achieve More Of Your Potential

How can you achieve more of your potential? A good self assessment will reveal more about your values. Your goals should reflect your values, and if your actions are in line with your goals, you will achieve more of your potential.

I’m Going Crazy!

What happens when panic attacks strike. Recognize the triggers and symptoms before the onset of a full-blown attack.

5 Reasons Children Might Be Performing Poorly in School

There are innumerable reasons why a child might be struggling academically at school. In my practice, this is one of the most common presenting complaints when a parent brings a child for an intake. The most important part of the treatment is often a thorough assessment.

The Care and Feeding of a Child’s Brain

The brain is very malleable in children as they develop, this malleability is both a gift of grace and a curse of sorry dependent on the care giving environment within which that very dynamic child brain is gaining experience. Those early experiences with the care giving environment either promote optimal mental and physical health or it’s opposite.

3 Popular Experts on Sex Addiction

People who are affected in some way by sex addiction can learn a lot from well-trained experts who specialize in the addiction. Here are 3 of the top experts in the field with information about what they do and how their information can help you.

Understanding an Addiction to Fantasy Sex

Fantasy sex addiction takes on many forms including role playing and pornography viewing. Obsession with the addictive fantasy is what defines this addiction.

The 3 Ways to an Healthier Brain

There are 3 ways to an healthier brain; Mental Exercise, Physical Exercise and a Good Lifestyle. Mental exercise is brain training (for example doing puzzles), Physical Exercise playing (team) sports and a good lifestyle includes being social, eating and sleeping well. This articles describes and discusses all three and gives you links to articles for more in-depth research.

Gender Identity

Gender is defined as a set of characteristics – masculine, feminine or neuter, while Gender Identity is a person’s sense of and private experience of their own gender. Transgender suggests that the state of one’s gender identity does not match one’s assigned sexual gender, usually based on physical characteristics – anatomy.

Hormones: Differences In the Way Men and Women Deal With Stress

Biologically we handle stress differently between the sexes, and understanding those differences helps us to be realistic about what we expect from our partners. Testosterone in men is the hormone that contributes to him feeling in his power.

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