Brain Foods for Brain Health – Boost Brain Health with Good Eats Updated for 2022

Updated: December 14, 2022

Brain Foods for Brain Health – Boost Brain Health with Good Eats

Making the Best of a Hard Situation with Alzheimer’s

Losing your memory in any capacity is a horrible thing and many people do not really know how to deal with it when the time comes. That being said however, there are some ways that you can find out more about memory loss and really start to heal and learn how to deal with it even when it seems that all hope is lost.

Relationships in Borderline Personality Disorders From a Disorganized Attachment Perspective

Borderline personality disorder is a widespread disorder, with severe emotional and relationship deficits. Some of the basic characteristics of BPD are: a pattern of turbulent and unstable relationships, frequent emotional outbursts expressed through verbal abuse and rage, a difficulty to control one’s overwhelming emotions and decreased emotional regulation, an extreme fear of abandonment, a characteristic cognitive impairment termed as “splitting” (or black-and-white thinking) that may manifest in their closest relationships.

Children’s Mental Health Awareness: Eradicating Social Stigma and Providing Early Intervention

Every conscientious parent is concerned about ensuring that they provide their children with the best of resources and care that they can afford. However, when it comes to mental health issues, most parents are unable to identify and cater to their child’s needs mostly because, despite social awareness programs, health concerns of such a nature are still stigmatized.

Cheer Up! It’s the Best Idea Around for Yourself, and for Others

It’s the attitude, not the situation. May your day be visited by a cheerful person! And if you don’t see one, be that person yourself. It really helps to get things done, and to enjoy what there is of each day.

The Health Benefits of Magnesium

You are always being told how important calcium or protein or even iron is for your body’s health. What is rarely ever brought up is how important magnesium is for your total health. Magnesium has been largely overlooked until the last few years.

Are Mental Illnesses Inherited?

We inherit the characteristics of our parents’ personality the same way we inherit their facial traces. This means that we must carefully analyze their personality and avoid making their mistakes. Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a process through which we understand how to correct various behavioral and moral mistakes. Many of these mistakes are visible in our parents’ behavior.

Causes of Black and White Thinking

All or Nothing or Black and White Thinking is a major symptom of borderline personality disorder. (BPD) My mother suffers from this devastating disorder and I use the word “devastating” because it was devastating for me to deal with my mother as a child. I hope that I can share my insights on BPD and how I started to develop similar symptoms (mainly black and white thinking) in my adolescent years.

Your Mental Health And Your Reality Reflected In Dreams

While the ignorant world believes that dreams have no meaning, the truth is that dreams contain precious messages that help you acquire consciousness and become a brilliant person. The hypocritical world works based on terror and violence. This is why many things that are considered to be good by the world are in fact bad, and many things that are considered to be bad or insignificant, are in fact good and important.

Suicide And Taking Control Before It’s Too Late

It can be quite difficult to deal with suicidal thoughts and for this reason many people have ended up taking their own lives. The thoughts are usually inhibited in people who suffer from depression leading to unrelenting despair difficult to control. The suffering and hopelessness makes suicide look as the best solution possible. Apart from the thoughts cropping in the mind of the depressed, it is also possible for healthy individuals to suffer such thoughts as a result of different life situations.

Bipolar Disorder And The Treatment Options

Bipolar disorder can be defined as a mental illness that is characterized by mood shift ranges. It can be anything from manic to depressive state. It is an illness also commonly referred to as manic depression or bipolar disease. In the manic state, the person suffering will have feelings of excitement, will be full of energy and will be impulsive. This turns out to be dangerous since the person can end up taking part in unhealthy or risky behavior. The behaviors can include impulsive sex, unprotected sex, drug use and spending sprees.

What You Need To Know About Psychological Disorders

Psychological disorders are also known as mental disorders. They are mind abnormalities resulting in persistent behavioral patterns that can affect the day to day functionalities and life in general. The disorders are numerous and they can include mood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders and sexual disorders among many others. They can be damaging because of their effects and there is always a need to seek medical assistance to keep matters in control.

What Is Bipolar Disorder and What Are the Symptoms?

Bipolar disorder is a common form of depression, but what exactly is it? This article takes a closer look at bipolar disorder and the symptoms associated with it.

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