Brain food | Super learning fast skills for memory recall, study exams Updated for 2024

Updated: January 19, 2024

Brain food | Super learning fast skills for memory recall, study exams

Marathon Running: Negative Nancy to Positive Polly

Being a positive person can be tough at times. Sometimes you’ll feel as though the whole world is against you. And, of course, this’ll drastically shape the way you train and run. But if you follow these several suggestions, you’ll be on the road to feeling optimistic in no time!

So, You Have a Mental Health Disorder

Having a Mental Health Disorder is not the end of the world. Many people function quite well in society in spite of it.

The Impact of Suicide on Those Left Behind

Suicide is a fact. It’s a number. According to Psychology Today it’s the tenth leading cause of death. It has probably impacted you or someone you know. So what happens to those left behind?

What Does Your Couple Type Say About Your Relationship?

Do you find yourself taking on a certain role in every relationship you are in? The truth is most of us take on set roles in our relationships whether we realize it or not. Although we like to think that every relationship is unique, in fact experts have identified six different ‘couple types’ that we all fall into.

Dealing With A Loved One’s Cognitive Decline

It is always difficult to watch a loved one’s mental capacity decline, or to consider the possibility of one’s own future incapacity. However, it is important to be certain that you and your loved ones have appointed the appropriate agents to make health and financial decisions once that capacity is limited or gone.

Metaphysical Causes of Mental Illness!

There are causes to physical and mental illness the medical profession ignores. Through research, historical data and personal experience we prove that consciousness can exist outside the body, and often disembodied consciousness such as negative entities can affect living individuals causing physical or mental illness!

Diet And Nutrition Essential For Mental Health: Best Nutrients For Your Mental Health

In addition to providing you with the energy that you need to undertake your daily activities, researchers have found that the food you eat has great impact on your mind. If you are wondering which are the best nutrients to take, here are some of them: Folate – Many research studies have shown that increased intake of folate results to reduced risks of developing depression. Folate has been found to be of great importance to women suffering from pregnancy depression.

Myth Busters: Psychotherapy Edition

Many people have misconceptions about what therapy and therapists look like. They see people like Dr. Phil on television being confrontational and shaming people for their actions and have no doubt heard their fair share of therapy horror stories. The bottom line is that therapy gets a bad rap. Even if you had not been swayed by depictions in the media, many people have the conception that you have to be “crazy” to seek out this kind of help. It is my hope that by reading this post I can help educate you on what therapy really looks like and encourage you to give it a try!

Narcissism: The Curse of the Chosen Child

There are many articles around on the internet about all types of narcissism and the dangers of being in a relationship with someone who has these tendencies. The advice is clear: get away from the situation as quickly as possible.

Why and When to Consider Emotional Distress Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is used for a variety of mental health issues. Many people consider mental health to have a stigma attached, but in fact this name covers a wide range of issues that people may experience from anxiety to work related stress and emotional stress to post traumatic stress and so much more.

A Groundbreaking Way To Manage Stress

Stress is part of life. It is one of the inevitable challenges a person will ever face in his or her life. Regardless of age, lifestyle, or status, each one of us experiences stress.

How to Overcome ADHD Distractions

Are you having trouble focusing? Are there many distractions in your life that keep you from getting things accomplished? People who have ADHD often have difficulty blocking out distractions that are unimportant in order to focus on the issue at hand.

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