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Updated: January 26, 2024

Are You PROUD of Yourself? | Jim Kwik

Panic Attack – What Makes An Effective Treatment Plan?

There are several ways by which a panic attack can be treated, but coming up with an effective treatment plan with a high percentage of success begins with…

How to Fight a Mental Illness and Find Sound Mental Health Through Dream Therapy

Only if your conscience will follow the absurd thoughts imposed by your wild conscience, will it manage to destroy your conscience through craziness and take the place of your ego. If you never follow the absurd thoughts imposed by your primitive conscience to your human conscience, it cannot destroy your conscience and control your behavior. This means that your mental health depends on your capacity to offer resistance to your anti-conscience’s absurdity. The unconscious mind shows you in the dream images the influence of your anti-conscience into your conscience. Therefore, you stop being in an inferior position.

3 Ways to Power Your Brain

Stimulating the brain in all the different ways imaginable is ultimately what makes it improve to reach its potential. In this article I describe a few explanations and tactics to apply in order to achieve this goal.

Social Media and the Psychiatrist-Patient Relationship

Social Media technology is evolving much quicker than the case law and professional advice needed to guide users of it. This is problematic to the many of us, who essentially are guinea pigs in a society fraught with distrust and litigation-minded people and their attorneys. This should cause everyone to tread very lightly in Social Media by staying abreast of its appropriate uses by fellow professionals and thinking everything carefully through before sharing with others through this medium.

What Causes Mental Disorders? Learn The Truth and Save Your Sanity

Your anti-conscience is a huge part of your personality that you ignore. It occupies the biggest part of your brain. The unconscious mind helps you distinguish its interventions in your thoughts. The imperceptive character of this negative influence doesn’t let you distinguish its presence in your conscious mind. The anti-conscience speaks in your mind with your own voice and pretends to be yourself. You need the unconscious guidance in dreams in order to perceive its sneaky techniques. Since your wild conscience has an independent functioning and it can think, it is in fact another person inside you.

Healthier Brain Aging With Exercise

Fascinating findings. A physically fit older person displays healthier brain aging according to some new research.

Common Paranoid Schizophrenia Symptoms

There are five common paranoid schizophrenia symptoms that you should be aware of so in case you notice any of these to your loved ones, you will know how to deal with him or her. When you have a schizophrenic friend or relative, bring him or her to a duly recognized psychiatrist for proper medication.

Why a Lack of Exercise and Poor Diet May Be Leading to Memory Loss, Mental Decline, and Dementia

According to studies, regular exercise has been shown to help prevent normal cognitive decline due to aging and dementia. Learn how exercise can contribute to decreasing the effects of aging on memory and cognition.

Brain Injuries and Addictions

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The same might be said about brain injuries and addictions. Are those already suffering from addictions more likely to have brain injuries? There is a theory that this may be the case.

Are You Bipolar? Guaranteed Treatment Through Dream Translation

You are bipolar if you have two distinct personalities that can be clearly recognized because they have a contrasting behavior, and they generate abrupt mood swings. In other words, when your two totally different personalities can be clearly perceived in your behavior, this means that you suffer from bipolar disorder. Your anti-conscience takes the place of your ego, sending you absurd thoughts and sensations, which generate absurd reactions. This is why you go from feeling as if you were the owner of the universe from feeling the poorest beggar of the world.

Bingo And Its Effects

Bingo is more than just a fun game for senior citizens to play. It also just happens to help cognitive functioning amongst those suffering from dementia.

Play Therapy – How Can It Help My Child?

Many people look for therapy for their children and they have a narrow focus of what play therapy is. They may think that it is sitting down with the child and having long conversations with them to find out why they are acting the way they are acting. They may think the therapist needs to be firm and tell the client how to behave. This is not play therapy.

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