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Updated: March 15, 2024

A Powerful Tool to Boost Motivation Instantly with Mel Robbins & Jim Kwik


6 Mental Health Benefits Of Sports

There are many mental benefits of physical activities, such as sports. According to recent research, it has been found that taking part in sports can have a positive impact on your mental health. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at some of the primary mental health benefits of playing sports.

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Addiction: Causes and Treatment

During the fall and winter months, the days start getting shorter and colder, it’s often too frigid or dark to enjoy outdoor activities after work, and the mix of it all can just be downright depressing sometimes. Although it’s normal to experience some winter blues from time to time, when the negative thoughts and emotions associated with the changing seasons begin to overtake our lives, something is wrong. What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Why Women Are At A Greater Risk of PTSD Than Men: A Comparative Study

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a debilitating and persistent psychological disorder that occurs after experiencing or witnessing any life changing or life threatening traumatic event in life. The traumatic event can include near to death experience, accident, demise of loved ones, natural disaster, war, abuse or sexual assault.

Are You Feeding Narcissistic Supply?

Narcissists have insatiable needs for recognition and admiration and crave their narcissistic supply. Like addicts, for them, it’s survival.

The Brain, The Ego & The Mind

Most people think they know themselves, but they have very little understanding of how their mind works. In this article, I have tried to express my observations to help people understand their mind and the body and become aware of their perceptions and thinking. There is a bureaucratic madness prevailing through the world today, and we are all turning into zombies. I want people to start thinking for themselves, take command of their lives and make sense of the world we live in.

Best Psychiatrists in Delhi

With the current changes in people’s lifestyle, more and more people are seeking help for their mental illness. Delhi being a city that runs on extreme timelines and deadlines, has become a victim to the unprecedented rut the city has to offer to its people. For the longest time people thought it was fishy to seek help for depression, anxiety and related mental issues.

Bathing With Dementia

Bathing is a particular sensitive issue for elderly people with dementia. Those with dementia become confused easily and often misinterpret what others are doing and saying. In such individuals, often even the smallest thing that is unpleasant such as water in the eyes or ears can make the individual respond with fear or violence.

The Benefits and Challenges of Behavioral Health Treatment

The term Behavioral Health was coined almost 40 years ago. However, over time, the meaning of this word has evolved. Most people use behavioral health as a synonym for mental health, whereas there is a difference between the two.

How to Understand Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)?

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) is a psychological condition, which usually develops in children from nine months to 5 years old. Reactive Attachment Disorder is directly interlinked to emotional attachment or a feeling of security with the caregiver.

OCD Symptoms – What Are the Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental illness or psychological disorder in which compulsive and repetitive behavior occupy a patient’s mind. The patient tends to suffer from excessive anxiety and by following a repetitive behavior or extensive ritual alleviates their anxiety.

Love Your Heart, Rebuild Your Spirit

So many people are suffering from an injured heart causing unbelievable pain. Usually, it is someone who was very close to you that hurt you. But how does one get over it? What can you do to ease your pain and heal your heart? The human spirit is also affected and requires rebuilding. This article is designed to raise you up with the hope that your personal happiness can be restored, and being able to resist the dark clouds passing over you.

In The Face Of Abuse

Mental health threatens to become an even bigger issue than diabetes. It is being marked by an increase in suicides, people feeling the pain of separation, failing health and suffering mental breakdowns while wanting to retreat into their private little cave where nothing can hurt them. It is serious. Unfortunately, there are those who find themselves entrapped within the walls of their own mind and constantly feeding their soul a sour diet of hate and misery. This creates a perfect environment for being abusive to others… and that is why they need to be reminded that their behaviour is unacceptable, and not the norm. Modern day abuse is real and causes a decline in mental health. Only now we are realizing that we have the right to protect ourselves from those who wish to hurt us. Here are some tips for neutralizing the devastating effects and its nasty fallouts. This article looks at what you can do to stop abuse from causing you pain and draining your life force.

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