10 Steps to a LIMITLESS brain | Jim Kwik Updated for 2023

Updated: March 22, 2023

10 Steps to a LIMITLESS brain | Jim Kwik

Help With Anxiety And Understanding the Causes

Admitting to yourself that somethings not right can be tough. Anxiety affects many of us in day to day life. You can overcome your anxiety with a few simple techniques and understanding the causes of it.

How To Survive Hurricane Sandy After You’ve Already Survived It

Now that Hurricane Sandy is gone and you have survived – you may be feeling a lot of stress, maybe even more than during the ‘Superstorm’ and its aftermath. You’re not crazy – it’s normal to be stressed after life-changing events like this, even if you made out okay.

5 Easy Stress Relief Activities You Can Use to Reduce Stress Now

Your body was made to cope with short, stressful situations followed by adequate rest however modern life often provides too much prolonged stress for your body to handle adequately. Discover 5 easy stress relief activities you can use right now to get immediate relief from stress and change your life for the better.

Help With Overcoming Anxiety And Preventing Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety can affect not only your personal life but also in your professional life. This is why it is important to tackle anxiety as soon as you realise it is affecting you. Here a few simple tips to deal with anxiety.

Help With Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication

It’s easy to be prescribed medication to deal with anxiety however, you can deal with your anxiety with a few simple techniques. Taking medication to control your anxiety can turn in to an addiction you can also suffer from side effects. If you’re mildly suffering from anxiety try these simple techniques.

Can Teens Suffer From Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorders are not confined to adults, anxiety disorders can occur in our teenage years. When we form a fear or anxiety it can become stronger overtime. This is why it is important to come to terms with anxiety early on and tackling it head on.

Do You Need Medication To Help Overcome Anxiety?

There a few simple steps you can take to overcome your anxiety without having to be prescribed medication. Medication can lead on to further problems as medication just masks the problem. Here are a few simple techniques to control your anxiety.

Surviving the Mental Illness Bipolar

I have struggled for 20 years with bipolar. Bipolar has caused me to lose a lot of things that were very important to me. Today I am working, and in a relationship again.

What Works When Treating Sex Addiction?

There is no set method to treating sex addiction that works for everyone. However, there are many effective treatment options available for recovery.

Why Sex Addicts Keep Secrets

Sex addiction is full of secrets. But why? Embarrassment, shame, guilt and the fear of discovery prevent sex addicts from revealing their secrets to their partners, family and friends.

Change – How To Manage It

  As we develop into multidimensional beings, by this I mean viewing life through many perspectives, we may be shocked to see the world does not conform to our ideas of reality and at times of great change, can appear to be a dysfunctional asylum, with us as the inmates. It is at this time we may have to carefully examine all our ideas about our past, present and future, within which we may discover we have been living less than our potential, due to living in a society that encourages mediocrity in order to keep the “economy” paradigm…

Suicide – The Ultimate Choice

This article emerged following the suicides of two members of a small community in Wales. I had also been faced with implementing the “Ultimate Choice” and this article tells how I overcame the compelling urge and used the experience to re-educate and re-evaluate the contents of my mind.

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