10 Keys to a LIMITLESS Brain | Jim Kwik

Updated: March 13, 2023

10 Keys to a LIMITLESS Brain | Jim Kwik

Overcome Social Anxiety and Shyness

I have had social anxiety for years but I have overcome most of it. I will show you how to face your shyness through self-hypnosis.

OCD Treatment – Things You Need to Accept

When it comes to OCD treatment you should understand this one thing: You need to accept whatever fears you have. One time I was really afraid of flying on a plane and the only way for me to beat that fear was to actually get on the plane and face the fear.

OCD Treatment Centers – Are These Places Really Effective?

OCD treatment centers are littered all around the world. There have been some good cases and there have been a lot of bad cases.

5 Reasons For Memory Loss

Memory loss can occur due to factors including the aging process. Other reasons vary from brain damage to certain diseases.

Discover More About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Are you wondering if your child is suffering from a certain disorder known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? As for being a parent, you might be that much concerned about your child’s behavior and you probably want to know what this type of disorder has to do with you and your child. This is one of the most common behavioral problems that kids encounter nowadays. Sometime even those who are already in the adolescence stage may as well encounter the same. Here are a few inputs for you to look into to make you understand what ADHD is really all about.

Animal Assisted Therapy in the Secondary Classroom

Programmes using animals to initiate behaviour change in children have often been targeted towards younger, primary aged children. Certainly the small amount of evidence that does exist is focused on programmes with a younger age group. However animal assisted therapy (AAT) and animal assisted intervention (AAI) programmes for older secondary age children can be just as beneficial, therapeutic and worthwhile as those delivered to their younger counterparts.

Causes Of Bipolar Disorder – Everything You Need to Know

Most people constantly think about the main causes of bipolar disorder. Some are of the view that this disorder comes about as a result of shortage or lack of lithium or dog bites sustained in childhood. However, most of these causes are misinformed.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Options You Should Know About

There are several options for treating the Bipolar Disorder. These treatments vary in cost and approaches. Because of its resistant nature, this condition requires lifelong treatment.

Curing Schizophrenia and Psychosis – Real Cases That Marked My Life

I saw him in this clinic in 1980, when I traveled to my country in order to decide if I would really permanently live in Greece or not. Arnold had lost his conscience. His words made no sense. Instead of becoming a literature writer, I continued the research of the psychiatrist Carl Jung. My father’s schizophrenia was the first reason why I wished I was able to cure the mentally ill. Arnold’s case was the second reason, and my own absurdity was the third reason why I had to someday, discover the cure for all mental illnesses.

Your Brain Ever Feel Foggy? Let’s Get Rid Of The Fog!

Do you ever feel as if a cloud is living inside your brain? Perhaps your thoughts are clouded over? This is called “Brain Fog.” Brain fog is a common problem among society today but it has no medical diagnosis. Living a fast paced lifestyle and actively participating in the wrong food habits; causes us to supply our brain with the wrong fuel and we find ourselves experiencing brain fog.

Bipolar Disorder in Children – Everything You Need to Know

Children with bipolar disorder will usually have depressive or maniac symptoms. Most of the children will experience depression, while some of them will have a combination…

Bipolar Disorder Information – Everything You Need to Know

Bipolar disorder information is important to help you understand its symptoms and how to go about treating this disease. Having a healthy body only does not necessarily mean you will live a productive and normal life. You need to consider mental health is very important to achieve these.

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