10 Foods That May Help Prevent Dementia Updated for 2024

Updated: April 12, 2024

10 Foods That May Help Prevent Dementia

How “Therapy Ready” Are You?

I have an extraordinary range of people who seek me out each month men, women, teenagers, children anyone who wants real results quickly from a psychotherapist. When the email or phone call comes in and I see or hear the phrase I want I breathe a sign of relief.

The Importance Of Dream Predictions To Your Mental Health

You must learn what will help you avoid having a tragic life. There is a destiny previously traced for you because you have to stop making the mistakes of your psychological type and eliminate your anti-conscience. Your destiny will be like your parents’ destiny in many ways because you have inherited the same psychological problems of your parents, since you have inherited many of their personality traces. You also imitate their behavior, since they are your first models.

How To Increase Brain Memory and Brain Power

Enhancing your memory and increasing brain power is something the majority of aging people have thought about and are actively pursuing. Through a combination of simple lifestyle changes, like brain exercise and eating brain foods, one can see dramatic results. Brain supplementation has also become a very popular segment of the nutrition world. This article discusses how to increase brain power and memory naturally with remarkable results.

What Are The Consequences Of Having An Emotionally Unavailable Mother?

While some women want to be mothers and go onto fulfil this need, there are others who have no interest in being a mother. They might end up channelling their nurturing abilities into another area of life instead.

What Can Happen When Adult ADHD Goes Untreated?

Why are people with Adult ADHD not diagnosed? How can we avoid missing the diagnosis? I hope this article helps you become more confident in dealing with your patients with Adult ADHD.

Attachment: Creating a New Narrative and Being Human Again

A brief examination of what is labeled reactive attachment disorder from an existential/relational perspective. Dr. Edmunds shares the need to create a new narrative that can lead from breakdown to breakthrough.

The Mental Health Treatment Sent By God In Dreams

The mental health treatment sent by God to your conscience in the dream images contains all the information you need in order to eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness, and simultaneously develop your human conscience. When your anti-conscience becomes more human through consciousness it becomes weaker, and your human conscience becomes stronger. This means that when you eliminate your anti-conscience you don’t kill it; you gradually transform it into human conscience.

What Causes Mental Illness? Clear Explanations In Dreams

The lessons I had were superior. This is why I could clearly understand that our psychiatrists are doing everything the wrong way. Their dangerous medications destroy their patients’ immune system. The mentally ill must fight absurdity by offering resistance to the absurdity of their anti-conscience, otherwise they will keep having absurd thoughts and unbearable symptoms forever and never recover their conscience.

Therapy Issues for Men

Men are often criticised in the popular media for failing to seek help for mental health issues. The most commonly cited reasons why men don’t seek treatment are they don’t like to talk about their feelings or they think that mental illness is a sign of personal weakness. Certainly, a lot of men can have problems talking about their feelings, and some men do have macho hang-ups about admitting to mental health problems. However, these aren’t the only, or even the most important reasons why men can be reluctant to seek help.

Getting to Know a Hoarder

There is a lot of educating needed regarding this issue. Hoarders at one point in their lives were like you and me. They didn’t move into their homes with a pile of unwanted items, junk or garbage on their shoulders. They adapted this behavior overtime. What causes this? you make ask. Well, first, let’s define hoarding or who is a hoarder.

Getting Rid of the Guilt of Mental Illness

Guilt is defined as: feeling responsible for wrongdoing. But isn’t it interesting that we can feel guilt simply for doing something that someone else doesn’t approve of, or because we ourselves, or someone we love, has a mental illness? Guilt is a very confusing emotion. How do we know when it’s right to feel guilty?

Head Trauma and Brain Injury – Learn What to Do Before It Happens

Head trauma and brain injuries are all too common. Recognizing them when they happen can save a life. Plus, getting the appropriate help as quickly as possible means a speedier and more complete recovery. Here’s what you need to know before it happens…

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